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How Does DIY Education Work?


The future of education is self-education and continuous learning online. Learn valuable digital skills that empower you to create your future.

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Learn today’s most in-demand creative digital skills online without sitting in a classroom or going into an insane amount of debt.

The Internet-based digital economy is growing at an astonishing 25% a year and creating new opportunities faster than traditional educational institutions can adapt. To learn these new digital skills you need to be constantly learning online and building creative projects to apply what you learn.

Here is a sample of some of the cutting edge skills you can learn with our toolkit and digital skills guide:

  1. Create websites that work beautifully on every device, with or without knowing how to code.
  2. Use web analytics to optimize a website to maximize leads, sales and engagement.
  3. Build an online audience with your writing skills on the web and social media.
  4. The resume is dead. Find out how to create a digital portfolio that gets you noticed.
  5. Get found first by people searching for products, solutions and help on Google.
  6. Develop a freelancing or ecommerce business that is completely mobile.
  7. Learn how to track and bill your time so you can manage yourself independently.

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Our guide to today’s 10 most in-demand digital skills that give you the freedom to work anywhere.

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