DIY Genius


Learn new digital skills that encourage creativity, independence and self-reliance.

Our Mission

The mission of DIY Genius is promote help young people learn the digital skills they need to create their own opportunities and adapt to the transformative changes driven by the mobile revolution.

Why Learn Digital Skills?

The ability to use technology to connect, collaborate and innovate is the essential skillset for the 21st century. Here is why we believe learning new creative digital skills is so important:

  1. Most routine jobs in developed economies are being outsourced or automated.
  2. The new high-paying jobs require digital skills, creativity and self-management.
  3. The age of the employee is ending, nearly 50% of workers will be freelancers by 2020.
  4. The digital age requires continuous self-directed learning to manage accelerating change.
  5. Businesses must innovate to survive and they desperately need skilled people to do it.
  6. The most innovative companies want to hire people with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  7. The digital economy is currently growing at a massive 25% per year.
  8. The global population with Internet access will double to 4 billion by 2020.
  9. Mobile is transforming the economy. The majority of web browsing will be mobile by 2016.
  10. Work is no longer tethered to hours in an office now that results can be easily measured.

About Me

Hi, my name is Kyle Pearce and I’m based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

I created DIY Genius to help young people learn the in-demand digital skills that aren’t being taught in most schools.

I’m passionate about self-education because I’ve learned all my own digital skills online that I use in my daily work. These skills have given me the freedom to work online from exotic places like Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Bali and Thailand.

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