I thought I’d try something different this month and just focus on the best learning resources I’ve recently discovered. Here you will find all kinds of amazing documentaries, courses and posts to learn new things and upgrade your digital skills.

1. How is the exponential expansion of information technology transforming work? Watch this new documentary Collaboration: On the edge of a new paradigm and see how you can prepare yourself for the future of work.

2. Learn how the Internet of Things will revolutionize society and get a glimpse of the future in new online course. I also recommend adding an Analytics Edge to your career by taking this new course from MIT on data science, statistics and web analytics.

3. Learn to code with the easy programming language Scratch in this Introduction to programming course on Coursera.

4. Want to build a career in the fast-growing digital marketing industry? Read this guest post from Sarah Bedrick at Hubspot on the 7 skills you need for a career in digital marketing.

5. Want to change your habits so you can enjoy having more energy and become more productive? Read this new post on Why your personality type is crucial to forming new habits and identify your unique personality type.

6. Are you optimistic about the future of humanity? Watch the new documentary film The Choice Is Ours from the Venus Project. It examines how we need to rethink what is possible in our world and find creative ways to use new technology to advance society and cultivate stronger social values.

7. Is technology stressing you out? Watch this new web series about how emerging technology is changing the human identity: Our technological identity crisis.

8. Want to learn the numbers and data behind Climate Change? This documentary explores the paradox that the more information and data we have on our changing climate, the less the public seems to understands what’s going on. Want to learn what the next generation has to do to clean up this colossal mess? Take this course on The American Dream For The Next Generation.

9. The Internet of Things will be a recurring theme this year as it begins to transform the way we live. This new course TechniCity on Coursera examines how we will soon live in real-time, technologically enhance cities and how these sweeping changes will change the way we live and work.

10. Imagine you could get the full health benefits of exercise in less than an hour a week. New scientific research shows this is actually possible. Watch this documentary on the science of High Intensity Interval Training.

If you have any learning resources that you’ve come across recently that you want to share, put them in the comments.