Johann Eduard Hari is a Swiss-British writer and journalist based in London who spends half the year traveling to research his books.

Hari has written 3 best-selling and critically acclaimed books on the topics of depression, the war on drugs, and the British monarchy.

He was twice named ‘National Newspaper Journalist of the Year’ by Amnesty International. He has also been named ‘Cultural Commentator of the Year’ and ‘Environmental Commentator of the Year’ at the Comment Awards.

I read his book Lost Connections last Spring when a number of people at one of my mindful hiking adventures highly recommended the book.

In Lost Connections, he documents the evidence that challenges the reductionist and mechanistic molecular model of mental health that is so predominate today in psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong

An excellent TED Talk about why modern societies make so many people feel lonely and depressed.

2. Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression

With depression and anxiety at epidemic levels, Johann Hari talks about why a lack of community and the resulting loneliness is the worst thing for our mental health.

3. The Antidote for Loneliness

Did you know being acutely lonely is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day?

We have a natural human need to seek meaning in our lives. If we are doing something that is controlled by someone else, that disrupts our ability to create meaning.

– Johann Hari