While College Conspiracy was originally made in 2010, many of the predictions made in the film were delayed because of the trillions of dollars of money printing over the last decade.

This controversial documentary questions the conventional wisdom that a college education is the key to prosperity and the American dream.

Student loan debt in America is now 1.6 trillion dollars, which is double what it was during the last financial crisis in 2008 and it is likely that millions of Americans will never pay off their student loans.

The rise of the CO-VID19 pandemic in 2020 means the future of education of higher education now looks very different as young people recognize that taking out a mortgage-sized student loan to sit in a packed lecture hall may not be the best path to a better future.

This documentary film was originally made by the National Inflation Association, which promotes purchasing silver and gold as a hedge against the coming hyperinflation. While this is a contrarian view to mainstream economists, it may still be the end game of decades of artificially low-interest rates and reckless government spending.

I think when they made the film in 2010 they underestimated the power of politicians and financiers to keep printing money through quantitative easing to avoid making hard decisions. This way they could maintain the illusion of prosperity by allowing people to continue to live beyond their means through the accumulation of debt.

Watch this documentary to see how the bursting of the higher education bubble in 2020 will create a different kind of education system that is more accessible to average Americans without taking on risky levels of debt.

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