The practice of embodied mindfulness is a powerful way to experience a deeper sense of awe and wonder when you are in nature.

Often the practice of mindfulness becomes this practice that keeps people trapped in their minds. They end up constantly reminding themselves to be mindful, getting frustrated at their lack of attention, and develop a rigid form of effortful mindfulness.

To get into a relaxed state of embodied awareness — where you have mindful awareness of your experience in a more effortless way — it’s important to develop your feeling sense.

You feeling sense is how you experience your inner world of feeling, sensation, and emotion. It helps provide an anchor for your conscious experience in embodied awareness so you can perceive the world more through the direct experience of your feelings and than the conceptualizations of your thoughts.

This will allow you to go beyond the compulsive labeling, comparison, and judgment of the thinking mind so you can enter a state of embodied mindfulness where you will feel a heightened sense of awe and wonder.