The fastest way to kickstart your career when you are young is by working at a startup. Unlike typical corporate jobs that tend to be highly specialized, working at a startup will allow you to gain a much wider range of practical experience. This is great for discovering what you like really doing the most and gaining valuable digital skills early in your career.

If you want to hitch ride on a rocket and work with the best and brightest colleagues, then I’d highly recommend sending off an application to one of Canada’s biggest startups. They are all hiring for all kinds of different positions (not just software developers).

In the slideshow below, you can explore the 10 biggest startups right now in Canada. Each company on the list is growing astronomically and most of them are hiring like crazy.

The 10 Hottest Web/Mobile Startups In Canada

By Kyle Pearce


These are 10 of the hottest and fastest growing web and mobile-based startups in Canada. These Canadian startups are ranked by the number of jobs opportunities they have available.

  • Gesture Logic

    By Kyle Pearce

    This Ottawa-based start-up is trying to revolutionize wearable fitness intelligence technology. Their technology measure muscle output and provides real-time actionable feedback on how to improve.

  • Recon Instruments

    By Kyle Pearce

    This Vancouver-based startup is a pioneer in the wearable technology space. They specialize in heads-up displays for adventrue sports like skiing and mountain biking.

  • Thalmic Labs

    By Kyle Pearce

    This Waterloo-based startup makes the Myo gesture controlled armband. It allows you to wirelessly control your computer, smartphone and other digital technologies at home and at your workplace.

  • 500px

    By Kyle Pearce

    This upstart photo-sharing community has unseated Yahoo’s Flickr as the go-to place for professional photographers to share their work.

  • WattPad

    By Kyle Pearce

    The largest community on the web for aspiring storytellers and writers of fiction and poetry. Now over 35 million members of readers and writers.

  • Kik Messenger

    By Kyle Pearce

    This Waterloo-based messenger app recently surpassed 200 million users and it continues to grow at an astronomical rate. Their competitor WhatsApp was recently bought by Facebook for over $20 billion.

  • Unbounce

    By Kyle Pearce

    This Vancouver-based start-up is a marketing platform for building (and testing)  high-converting landing pages. They make it easy to do A/B split testing and create pages with no technical skills.

  • Muse

    By Kyle Pearce

    This Toronto-based startup is the industry-leader in brain sensing (EEG) headbands. It’s perfect for meditation and brain training and they have excellent software to make using it fun.

  • Shopify

    By Kyle Pearce

    This Ottawa-based ecommerce platform is the easiest way for small businesses to sell online. They make it easy for people with no technical or design experience to create successful online stores.

  • Hootsuite

    By Kyle Pearce

    This Vancouver-based social media dashboard has exploded in the last couple years and it probably the most successful Canadian start-up with the only billion dollar valuation on the list.

Jobs at Canada’s Best Startups:

Find new job openings at Canada’s hottest and fast-growing web, mobile and wearable technology startups.

1. Hootsuite – Hiring for close to a 100 positions in software engineering, customer support, finance, marketing and social media.

2. Shopify – Hiring for 53 positions in design, data, operations, engineer, business development, sales, recruiting, support and marketing.

3. Muse – Hiring for 13 jobs in Hiring for 9 positions in machine learning, digital marketing, industrial design, customer care, mobile development and office administration.

4. Unbounce – Currently hiring for 13 positions in customer success, marketing, design and administration.

5. Kik Messenger – Hiring for 12 jobs in software development, mobile development, interaction design and client developer support.

6. WattPad – Hiring for 10 positions in brand partnerships, community engagement, data products, engineering and marketing.

7. 500px – Hiring for 8 positions in software development, engineer, sales, user experience design and accounts.

8. Thalmic Labs – Hiring for 7 jobs in electrical and hardware engineering, online marketing, quality assurance, research and web development.

9. Recon Instruments – Currently hiring for 4 jobs in customer support, mechanical engineer and product management.

10. Gesture Logic – Hiring for 3 jobs in machine intelligence and algorithm development, mobile development and graphic design.

Search Startup Jobs in Canada:

Find startup jobs in Canada at all kinds of up-and-coming startups.

1. Startup Jobs in Canada – This job search portal from Angel List is the best place to start.

2. Startup North Jobs – This job board from Startup North has some good opportunities.

3. Indeed – The only job search engine you really need.

4. Neuvoo – A Canadian-based job search engine.

Canadian Startup Hubs:

Navigate through these websites to discover more startups in most active Canadian startup hubs,

1. Built In Montreal – The hub for Montreal’s flourishing startup community.

2. Startup Calgary – The hub for Calgary’s startup community.

3. Toronto Startups – A good resource for discovering Toronto startups.

4. Vancouver Startups – The go-to resource for Vancouver-based startups.

5. Startup Ottawa – The place for information and events related to Ottawa startups.

6. Startup Waterloo – Find out what’s happening in the suburban Waterloo scene.

I hope this post helps you land a great job at one of Canada’s hottest startups!