Transform your web browser from a source of distraction into a tool for focusing.

How would you like to get your work done in a minimum of 20% less time? This online course in Flow Hacking will show you how to track and improve your productivity with step-by-step instructional videos.

If you spend a lot of time working online and you’re easily distracted by social media, your smartphone and websites, this course will help you develop sharper focus and a more sustained ability to concentrate.

What’s In The Flow Hacker’s Toolkit?

Learn how to use the most effective tools for customizing the Google Chrome web browser so you can apply flow psychology in your online workflow.

Each module consists of a training video that shows you how to apply the knowledge and tools necessary to create the pre-conditions for achieving a state of flow consistently.

Module #1 – Flow Productivity

Start by learning the basics of flow psychology, understand the biggest obstacles to productivity, and set benchmarks in order to measure your progress.

Module #2 – Flow Sessions 

Create the structural pre-conditions to eliminate interruptions, get out of your own way and consistently get in a state of flow when you’re working.

Module #3 – Embodied Learning

How to make things happen faster and achieve practical results by applying what you learn in the real world.

How to make things happen faster and achieve practical results by applying what you learn in the real world.

Module #4 – The Creative Process

Overcome the resistance of distraction, procrastination, and overthinking in order to get in your creative zone where you perform your best.

Module #5 – Find Your Focus

Set clear goals for your workday, track your progress and create an optimal workflow.

  • Create a personal dashboard with all your to-dos synced across devices.
  • Schedule daily flow sessions and use tools to block out all distractions.
  • Use psychological triggers to get into flow by setting clear goals each day.
  • Create a feedback loop to review your goals and accomplishments each Friday.
  • Never enter a password again and eliminate your problem with tab clutter.

Module #6 – Social Media

Streamline your social media updates so you can get more engagement while also spending less time distracted.

  • Block the newsfeeds of popular social networks when you need to focus.
  • Remove distracting related videos on YouTube and focus on the video.
  • Share articles you’re reading with a single click to all your social profiles.
  • Subscribe to your favorite websites and read them on any device, even offline.
  • Unblock any website while improving privacy and security with a free VPN.

Module #7 – Email

Reinvent the way you write emails with Gmail extensions that help you reduce the time you spend on email.

  • Explore the future of web-based email with the tool that may disrupt Gmail.
  • Instantly unsubscribe from all those subscriptions cluttering your inbox.
  • Sync your to-do list with your Gmail so you create tasks and get to inbox zero.
  • Instantly see your contacts social profiles on LinkedIn and social networks.
  • Track your email opens and save time by creating email templates.

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