There are now over 700,000 apps in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play marketplace is not far behind. An estimated 955 apps are submitted daily to the App Store , so you really need to think hard and create a strategy to make your stand out and get noticed.

To make things easier for you, I created this app marketing guide outline best practices for app store optimization and marketing. I highly recommend using that write out a detail app marketing strategy because you launch your app because the first 48 hours in Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play is crucial to your app’s chance of reaching your targeted audience.

The harsh reality is that a lot of great apps never get the traction or the press that they deserve. Too many designers and developers put all their efforts into their product and neglect to plan and invest in an app marketing strategy. This is a huge mistake because without an app marketing plan most apps will quickly get buried in the extremely crowded and competitive app stores that drive all the vast majority of app downloads.

App Marketing Overview:

This overview of how to market your app will provide a strong foundation for getting your app found by the intended audience. I recommend that you plan a full 2-7 day marketing blitz when you release your app. It is essential that you achieve a critical mass of downloads in the crucial 48-hour window after your app is released.

1. App store search optimization starts with doing keyword research for your niche.

2. Find a way to naturally use your targeted keywords in your app’s title and description.

3. Before you submit your app, create a launch page or website for your app and start building your email list.

4. Make a demo video or screencast and include it on your app’s website and YouTube.

5. Submit a press release to major app review websites to publicize your launch.

6. Also make sure you submit your app to the popular app review websites listed below.

7. Share your app with everyone in your personal network on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

8. Actively participate in app forums like TapTalk and answer relevant questions to answer on Quora.

9. Use Google Alerts or SocialMention to monitor and participate in  all the conversations about your app.

10. Reach out to influential tech journalists by e-mail or on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

11. Build buzz by reaching out to influential bloggers in your niche and doing guest blogging.

App Marketing Tools:

These indispensable tools that can give you better app-related analytics and help you with your marketing.


  1. Tapstream – App analytics that grabs sales data from App Stores and shows you which app marketing tactics are most effective.
  2. Mixpanel – Analytics platform for mobile and the web.
  3. Applyzer – Track your ranking in every app marketplace as well as your competitors.
  4. Localytics – Track how people use your app, increase engagement and in-app purchases.
  5. AppLaunch – A paid tool that submits your app and press release to every app review site.
  6. AppFigures – Details reports, analytics and rankings for all your apps in every appstore.

App Store Optimization:

Use these tools to get data for app store SEO that you can use to target your  intended audience.


  1. SearchMan SEO – Improve App Store rankings.
  2. AppCodes – The “Swiss Army Knife for App Store Optimization”.
  3. MobileDevHQ – Tools to analyze and optimize your app store presence.

Mobile App Ad Networks:

Create a campaign to promote your app using mobile device-targeted ads.


  1. TapJoy – Distribute and monetize your app.
  2. Facebook Mobile App Installs – Socially targeted ads specifically for mobile apps.
  3. Google’s AdMob Mobile Ads – Get new users for your app from the largest mobile ad network.
  4. AirPush – Android app advertising.
  5. PRMac – Press release distribution for iOS Apps.
  6. iSpreadNews – Promote your iOS, Android or WP7 app to related sites.
  7. AppPromoter – Media outreach for app developers and publishers.
  8. Google Mobile Ads – The largest mobile ad platform.
  9. AppTap – App recommendations and advertising.
  10. Appia – Ad network and monetization tools.
  11. Matomy – Affiliate marketing and ads for mobile apps.

App Review Websites:

Submit your app to all of the popular app review websites that are relevant.

  1. 148Apps – One of the largest app review sites.
  2. AppShrink – Daily app reviews.
  3. GreatApps – 25 apps reviewed daily.
  4. FreshApps – Digg-like voting for app reviews.
  5. AppShopper – They publish recent app price reductions.
  6. Appolicious – One of the largest app review websites.
  7. AppVee – Video reviews of new apps.
  8. AppAdvice – App reviews, lists and guides
  9. AppAppeal – Free app directory.
  10. The Daily App Show – Reviews of iPhone, iPad and Android apps.
  11. AppBrain – Reviews for Android apps.
  12. AppStorm – Reviews for most mobile platforms.

Free White Papers:

Read white papers to learn advanced app marketing tactics from industry experts.

  1. How To Get Found and Be Famous in the App Stores – Optimization techniques for iOS and Android apps.
  2. How To Plan For A Successful App Launch – Planning your marketing strategy before your launch is crucial.
  3. Android App Marketing and Google Play – Techniques to get your Android app found and increase installs.
  4. Top 5 Mobile App Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) – Important things to avoid in your marketing tactics.
  5. 10 Big Brand Strategies for Mobile App Marketing – Learn from the big boys!

Other Excellent Resources:

Review some of these blog posts to solidify your knowledge of app marketing.

  1. App Store SEO: The Inbound Marketer’s Guide to Mobile (Moz)
  2. The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Marketing (Quick Sprout)
  3. Reaching 10M Downloads, And The Guerrilla Marketing Tactics We Used To Get There (TechCrunch)
  4. iOS App Review Sites – 168 Sites To Promote iPhone And iPad Apps (ManiacDev)
  5. The Art Of Launching An App: A Case Study (Smashing Magazine)
  6. App Store Optimization: Ranking Factors (Search Engine Watch)
  7. How To Implement SEO For Apps Inside The App Store (Slideshare)
  8. Apple’s App Store Resource Center (Apple Developers)
  9. Driving Cost-Effective Mobile App Downloads with AdWords (YouTube)
  10. APPetite App Marketing Podcast (iTunes)

That should be enough app marketing resources to get your started. Good luck!