Why Meditation Is A “Meta-Skill” That Improves Everything Else

In Tools of Titans, author Tim Ferriss write that, “more than 80% of the world-class performers I’ve interviewed have some form of daily meditation or mindfulness habit.”

Meditation is a “meta-skill” that improves everything else. Because attention is so fundamental to everything we do, the practice of daily meditation has a massive list of proven health benefits, including:

Physical benefits of meditation: slows aging, reduces stress and inflammation, relieves pain, boost brain’s neurotransmitters, deeper breathing, and more energy.

Mental benefits of meditation: boosts learning ability, quiets mind chatter, increases neurogenesis, more focus and concentration, increases motivation, improves awareness and perception.

Emotional benefits of meditation: better control of impulses and anger, reduced depression, increased emotional intelligence, better relationships and more self-compassion.

Spiritual benefits of meditation: positive energy, sublimate our body’s lower drives (lust, greed, envy), feel more connected, deeper self-awareness, peace of mind and more synchronicity.

If meditation was taught to every child at a young age, we would be able to solve nearly all of the major problems in the world.