The best way I can imagine starting off 2015 is by making a commitment to challenge yourself to learn new knowledge and skills online. These free online courses from a variety of global Universities are an excellent place to start.

Discover online courses on astronomy, entrepreneurship, python programming, public speaking, decision making and cyber security. Enjoy!

1. Writing For The Web

Starts January 1st from Frank Madden on Open2Study

Learn how to write better for the web in a way that grabs people’s attention, instantly engages and makes them want to share your content.

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Starts January 5th from the Open University on FutureLearn

Explore the night sky, discover how stars formed and find out about exoplanets, all through the constellation of Orion.

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3. Technology Entrepreneurship

Starts January 6th from Stanford University on NovoEd

Learn the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship that entrepreneurs use to build start-up companies that have been pioneered in Silicon Valley.

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4. U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self

Starts January 7th from MIT on edX

A highly experimental course designed to show you how to create profound innovation in a time of disruptive change by leading from the emerging future.

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5. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Starts January 7th from MIT on edX

Learn the highly-sought after Python programming language in this practical course eon using computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems.

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6. Introduction to Learning Technologies

Starts January 12th from the University of Saskatchewan on Canvas Network

Learn about digital citizenship, digtal literacy, ePortfolios, Creative Commons, Wikis, Blogs, Podcasting and a whole lot more.

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7. Managing People: Engaging Your Workforce

Starts January 12th from the University of Reading on FutureLearn

Learn the best practices for managing people and keeping them actively engaged in the 21st century workplace.

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8. Public Speaking – Join the Talk & Spread the Word

Starts January 13th from Homuork on iVersity.

This free online course will help you discover your communication style, structure and write an engaging presentation and successfully deliver it to an audience.

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9. Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World

Starts January 19th from the University of Groningen on FutureLearn

This course takes a multidisciplinary approach to navigating through uncertainty and solving complex problems.

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10. Introduction to Cyber Security

Starts January 26th from the Open University on FutureLearn

Learn how to protect your online identity. As our lives increasingly depend on digital services, the need to protect our information from being maliciously disrupted or misused is really important.

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That’s my picks for the best new online courses starting in early 2015. If you know of other good online courses you can share them in the comments below.