Are you interested in improving how you market and sell your product or services? Or how you communicate the value of your professional skills and expertise?

Then I want to share with you the simple 5-step formula that Richard Branson used to build his Virgin Empire.

He has used it to create brands that people love all over the world. Remarkably, he is the only entrepreneur to have built 12 billion-dollar companies in 8 different sectors.

Some of the company brands under his hugely successful Virgin brand umbrella are:

1. Virgin Atlantic (airlines)
2. Virgin Mobile (telecommunications)
3. Virgin Music (media)
4. Virgin Money (finance)
5. Virgin Galactic (space travel)

Applying Richard Branson’s Branding Formula:

When taking his big ideas and turning them into brands, Richard always asks himself these 5 questions:

1. Do people want what I’m planning to make or offer?

2. How can I create and deliver it at a price they are willing to pay?

3. Can this product or service deliver on the promise I make with people?

4. How will I let people know about what I’ve created?

5. How can I generate enough money to build on my idea?

That’s it, a simple branding formula to run all your business ideas through.

Want to download this 5-step formula in an editable document? Get my 5-Step Branding Formula Cheatsheet.

Asking these 5 questions for your own business or career will help you better market yourself and position your brand as a premium offering in the market.

Richard Branson, LinkedIn and Personal Branding:

Richard Branson is also a shining example of the power of personal branding.

His personal brand is estimated to be 100x more valuable than his Virgin brand alone and he is the most followed professional on LinkedIn with over 16 million followers.

A big part of his success is he always develops a clear and concise creative vision for the changes he wants to build in the world. Then, he passionately and tirelessly shares his vision using the power of brand-driven storytelling.

Other entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk have had similar effects on their companies using brand storytelling.

As Richard Branson frequently emphasizes, your reputation is everything.

Ultimately, it is his fun personality, entrepreneurial integrity and remarkable creativity that attracts so many people to follow him, work for his companies and buy their products and services.

Additionally, he is a prolific social media creator having written 6 best-selling books, he blogs regularly and he is sharing his stories and documenting his experiences through video storytelling on his YouTube channel.

Try Out His Branding Formula:

Why not give his branding formula a shot.

Try applying the 5 questions to your product, service, or skillset and see what kind of answers you get. Then you can iterate and improve your brand from there.

Want to learn more about personal brand storytelling? Download my free guide to personal branding.