The Rise of ADHD, Schooling and The Diet/Exercise Connection

Someday we will look back on our current school system and shake our heads.

Forcing active children to sit still in desks in perfect rows for up to 8 hours a day like adults will look like a form of insanity. We are turning energetic children into sedentary adults and creating a culture that is completely disconnected from nature.

The children who are most negatively affected by our standardized, education factory are those who ADHD. For the most curious and hyperactive children, a school might as well be a prison.

This video talks about why schools, as we know them, are obsolete and out-of-touch with the challenges of the 21st century.

Additionally, instead of giving kids (particularly those with ADHD) toxic pharmaceutical and a victim mentality, we should be empowering them to live healthy lives by eating whole foods and exercising daily.

People are designed by biology and evolution to learn while moving and to learn outside in real-world situations through direct experience. Our sedentary culture that is disconnected from nature and common sense has lead us down a road to the collapse of both our personal health and the ecological health of our Planet.