I want to thank you for your support in helping DIY Genius really take off in 2014. For the first time, we reached a major milestone: a million pageviews! Well, 1,001,155 views to be exact (according to Google Analytics).

I am so grateful to everyone who has shared our content through social media and sent me emails to ask questions, offer suggestions and give encouragement. In 2015, my goal is to kick things up a notch and break through 5,000,000 views for the year.

I already have some great online courses that I’m working on to be released in the next two months. The first course is on creative productivity and learning how to be your own boss and the other one is on optimizing your health using quantified self technology on your smartphone.

If you want to get notified when they launch and get my monthly online learning guides make sure you have joined the DIY Genius newsletter (opt-in at the bottom of the post).

Here is a breakdown of the most popular posts on DIY Genius in 2014:

1. Down The Rabbit Hole We Go! 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries – 493,610 views

2. 12 Lesser-Known Google Projects That Are Absolutely Amazing – 114,900 views

3. Why You Should Learn To Code (And How To Actually Do It!) – 55,428 views

4. 10 Free Online Courses In Social Media and Inbound Marketing – 32,371 views

5. Expand Your Mind In 2014 With These Online Courses – 16,021 views

6. The Best New Streaming Documentaries (December 2014) – 14,224 views

7. How To Rapidly Learn Android App Development Online – 13,264 views

8. The 50 Most Popular Courses on Coursera – 12,989 views

9. 100+ Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learners – 10,408 views

10. 10 Tropical Islands and Beach Towns For Digital Nomads – 9,187 views

Once again, I want to thank you for your support. I hope you find some of our educational content and advice useful in making 2015 your breakthrough year!

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