The thing I love about my iPad is how I can pass long flights and make creative use of my time when I’m traveling by playing around with all the creative apps available. It’s amazing tool that frees us from being tethered to our desks and allows us to draw, create and learn anywhere we go.

If you’re looking to be more inspired and you want some unconventional ways to practice and improve your creative skills, the iPad offers an accessible way to create art, tell your story and let your imagination run wild with the swipe of your finger on the touchscreen.

Where the iPad really shines is with all the creative possibilities it offers for artists, creators and storytellers to create something new and share what they make. These are some of the best apps I’ve discovered for getting creative with your iPad:


1. Create and share infographics with no design experience using Easelly.





2. Create stunning animated videos in minutes with Adobe Spark Video.


Adobe Voiceadobe-voice2



3. Explore the surprising side of color with Color Uncovered.


Color Uncovered 1Color Uncovered 2



4. Relax your mind by turning your iPad into a coloring book with Colorfy.


Colorfy1Colorfy 2



5. Get creative and make your own art with MoMA Art Lab.


Moma Art Lab



6. Watch video and read profiles of innovative creative professionals with Adobe Create.


Adobe Create


7. Brainstorm new ideas and spark creative thinking with Brainsparker.


Brainsparker 1Brainsparker 2



8. Turn a collection of photos and videos into a shareable story with Storehouse.





9. Make your words and images come to life with Adobe Slate.


Adobe Slate 1Adobe Slate 2



10. Let your imagination run wild by sketching, painting and creating with Procreate.


Procreate iPad



11. Discover the world’s classic and contemporary art with Artsy.





12. Create more inspiration in your life and spark your creativity with OFlow.





13. Create with virtual oil paints, pastels, crayons and colored pencils using Art Set.


Art Set 1Art Set 2



14. Take visual notes and let your imagination run wild with Penultimate.


Penultimate 1Penultimate 2



15. Get inspired by the natural patterns of creation in nature with NASA’s awe-inspiring Earth As Art.


Earth As ArtEarth As Art 2


Try these apps and perhaps you’ll never have a dull moment again on your iPad.