HyperLearning: a form of self-directed, passion-driven learning using the Internet.

The HyperLearning Toolkit is an online learning toolkit for educating yourself online.

What’s in the toolkit?

1. Books

A 21st-century reading list for anyone who wants to become an early adopter of new technology and ideas.

2. Documentaries

Feed your mind with different perspectives and new possibilities by watching streaming documentaries.

3. Digital Skills

Explore the new professions and learn the high-paying digital skills that will power the next economic boom.

4. iPhone Apps

Turn your iPhone into your “pocket university” and spend more of your free time learning new things.

5. Android Apps

Turn your Android device into the ultimate learning device and make mobile learning a daily habit.

6. Self-Directed Learning

Create a self-directed learning plan by setting clear goals and start designing your future education.

7. Create Your Own Website

Create a website to tell your story and share your knowledge and skills in a digital portfolio.

8. Flow State Instrumentals

Block out distractions and use these instrumental albums to get in a deeper state of immersion.

9. Learning Adventures

Make learning a playful adventure with these augmented reality and outdoor exploration apps.