The New Frontiers Summit is an annual summit in Aotearoa New Zealand dedicating to “envision new possibilities for collective wellbeing, connect with passionate minds from different walks of life, and co-create in service to a better world.”

It is put on by the Edmund Hillary Fellowship named after the legendary New Zealand mountaineer, explorer, and philanthropist whose team first summited Mount Everest. The Fellowship takes in fellows from 20 countries who are dedicated to catalyzing global change from New Zealand.

The theme for the 2018 New Frontiers summit is “Economic Transformation”. The talks explore bold ideas for a new kind of economy — including blockchain opportunities for New Zealand, Māori economic development in partnership with Iwi, the future of work, innovations for planetary stewardship, startup funding cycles, and the emergence of “Web3”.

New Frontier Summit 2018: Economic Transformation

Watch the talks from the 2018 Summit.​

New Frontier Summit 2017: Waiuku

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