The Storehouse app for the iPad makes it easy for non-designers to tell multimedia-rich stories on their iPad. The app was created by former Apple user experience evangelist Mark Kawano, who has spent years working with app developers around the world to help them world design better iPhone, iPad and Mac apps.

As you can imagine, the user experience of Storehouse follows the minimalist focus and simplicity that Apple has built their brand around. The Storehouse team recently won a 2014 Apple Design Award for their efforts. There aren’t many options to choose from in this app, which allows you to focus on the quality of your story and the photography and videos you use to tell it.

It is great to see apps like Storehouse making the iPad a better tool for the creation of visual content rather than simply a device geared toward content consumption. If you want tell beautiful stories without being a professional designer, I think you will love what Storehouse has to offer.

See how easy it is create beautiful stories by watching my Storehouse story creation tutorial:

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