Educate yourself about the current events that are shaping the world by watching documentaries online. This post is constantly updated with new films.

YouTube Documentaries:

Naturally, the place to go for new documentaries is YouTube. Here are some of the most popular new documentaries posted on YouTube so far this year:

Short Documentaries:

There are also lots of excellent short documentaries (under 20 minutes) that are available for streaming on YouTube.

The History of Japan, which is probably the most viral short documentary of 2016 so far, is definitely worth watching. Think of it as documentary storytelling re-imagined for the Snapchat generation (which may terrify some people).

Vice Documentaries:

Vice produces great documentary shorts on a wide range of current issues. These are the latest Vice documentaries posted in 2016:

Al-Jazeera Documentaries:

Al Jazeera English produces many award-winning documentaries. Watch their latest documentary films on their documentaries channel.

Here are some of their best documentary films so far this year:

1. Germany’s Refugee Crisis – After welcoming one million refugees, attitudes across Germany are changing with confrontations and vitriol on the rise.

2. Australia: In the Line of Fire – Australians living in the world’s most fire-prone region grapple daily with a life-and-death choice: fight or flight.

3. After the Arab Spring – Five young Arabs from countries that went through the 2011 revolutions reflect on what has happened five years on.

4. Belarus: Europe’s last dictator – The state of political freedom in Belarus and President Lukashenko’s unshakable grip on power.

5. Paris: Voice of the Suburbs – Intrepid reporter Widad takes us into the heart of France’s deprived suburbs to reveal a voice not often heard.


PBS Frontline Documentaries:

PBS Frontline also produces some hard-hitting investigative documentaries. Watch their full selection of documentaries on their documentaries channel.

Here are some of the highlights from their 2016 releases:

1. Supplements and Safety – Frontline, The New York Times and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation examine the hidden dangers of vitamins and supplements, a multibillion-dollar industry with limited FDA oversight.

2. Netanyahu At War – An inside look at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political rise and his relationship with the U.S.

3. Memory Hackers – Scientists are learning how we can edit memories—and delete our worst fears.

4. The Fantasy Sports Gamble – An investigation with The New York Times into fantasy sports and online sports betting.


Journeyman Pictures:

Journeyman Pictures releases a new documentary every Thursday. They independently distribute what they describe as “the world’s most provocative incisive and factual TV.”

Feature Documentary Trailers:

Watch the trailers for some exciting new documentaries that will be released in 2016:

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