My thoughts on why schools kill creativity and the authoritarian history of modern education.

I believe 21st-century education is moving toward a model of learning by doing and unschooling where the focus is on combining what we intrinsically enjoy, with developing mastery at our talents and skills, and then learning how to communicate the specific problems or needs we help solve in the world.

By the standards of factory-style schooling, you’re never going to be enough. You are always going to need more education, more money, and more status as narrowly defined by these out-of-date institutions.

We need to develop a new form of education that teaches people to question the flawed logic and value system that is driving our civilization to the brink of ecological collapse.

We need character-based education, not consumer-based education. We need to reconnect schools and creative activities so we can raise a new generation of self-directed leaders able to solve the increasingly complex and non-linear problems caused by our disconnection from natural systems of life.

With the perfectionist mindset, you’re never going to be satisfied or feel like you’re enough. The system is designed this way, to isolate us with a false sense of status-obsessed individuality, when we crave more connection to the world and people around us.

The growth mindset that is trained through self-directed learning and unschooling is a much more effective mindset for adapting to today’s innovation-driven economy and thriving in the 21st-century as creative people.