Write For Us

We are accepting guest posts from individual contributors (please no agencies).

The posts must be original, at least 800 words and of high-value to our audience of self-directed learners, worldschoolers and social creators.

To submit a post to DIY Genius, please follow these steps BEFORE contacting us:

1. Browse our website to get an idea for what we write about (you can see the topics we like below these instructions).

2. Choose one of our categories below and write an engaging post that our audience will love. Please don’t submit promotional stuff and you must disclose any links in the post to your own websites or anything you are promoting.

3. Write the post, proofread it, add a stock photo and submit it on the contact page with “Guest Post” in the subject (please include a link to the file on a service like Dropbox or Google Docs).

4. Please also include a short, 1-paragraph bio explaining who you are.

5. We will review the guest post to see if it meets our quality standards and is tailored to providing value to our audience. Keep in mind, unless the post is very high-quality, scannable and written by someone who shares our self-education ethos, it will be rejected (we ignore emails that don’t follow these guidelines….as a popular website, we get 5-10 emails a day from spammers that provide zero value).

6. If it’s high-quality and it gets approved, you will get a link (PageRank 6) in your bio and your story in front of our large audience.

Here are our main categories for guest post submissions:


Stories of learning new skills online and teaching yourself using the Internet.


Stories of makers, DIY innovators and using digital tools and social media platforms to express your creativity and ideas.


Stories of learning experiences from travelling abroad or working remotely. Share your travel adventures and how you used to travel to grow as a person and expand your horizons.

Please submit your guest post to us through the contact page with a link to the document file.