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Passion And Purpose
About Us

What would you do with an extra 2-3 hours a day? 🏔️ 

We help people find the sweet spot of focus where passion meets purpose so they can free their mind from digital distractions and spend their time doing meaningful work they enjoy.

What's your genius?

Our Mission

We help people take back control of their attention from the big tech algorithms that are hacking their brain and hooking them on mindless scrolling.

The world is changing, you don't need to go school to get a great education and you don't need work to go to an office to to make a great living.

But you do need to learn to focus carefully on what matters to you in a world that is designed to keep you distracted and addicted to constant hyper-stimulation of digital dopamine.

The average person now spends 4-5 hours a day on their smartphone, we help you break the cycle of distraction so you aren't wasting your time on your smartphone.

With all that extra time that can be freed up each day, we help you repurpose that time to build a mission-driven online business where you can make a living doing work you enjoy and build the change you want to see in the world.

Join a community of innovators, creators, and forward-thinkers.

Kyle Pearce

About The Founder

My name is Kyle Pearce and I live in the mountains near Banff, Alberta.

In 2016, I led the marketing team for the launch of an app called Fitplan that helps fitness influencers share their workout programs and today it is now used by millions of people.

This gave me an inside look at how behavioural design is used to build the habit of using an app.

We knew that to make this app successful, our users would have to be triggered to open it each time they entered the gym because if we couldn’t do that, then the app wouldn’t get used and all the venture capital invested in our startup would be wasted.

Working with software engineers and user experience designers to make this app a habit that sticks in people’s regular routine got me thinking about all the nefarious ways that apps are now used to harvest people’s time, energy and attention.

I thought, why not use these behavioral design processes to help people take control of their habits and reclaim precious hours spent on their smartphones so they can be spent building a sense of purpose, autonomy and belonging.

This led me to years of studying mindfulness, behavioral design and flow state psychology and building the DIY Genius Community where people get the support and accountability they need to replace the mindless habits that keep them stuck in endless loops of seeking instant gratification and craving external rewards with mindful habits that unlock extraordinary levels of focus, creativity and motivation.

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