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Flow Experience Design

Master The Art Of Focus

Develop the ultimate skill of focused attention in a world hypnotized by digital distractions and free up your time to work and play in the flow state.

External Vs Internal Rewards

Reclaim 2-3 hours a day from your digital distractions

Replace the mindless habits that keep you stuck in endless loops of craving external rewards with mindful habits that free up your time, energy and attention.

Mindless Scrolling

Break the habit of mindlessly scrolling and compulsively checking your phone.

Information Overload

Spend less time stuck in research mode and more time creating and launching your ideas.

Instant Gratification

Free your mind from the dopamine loops that keeps you feeling hooked and exhausted.

Constant Busyness

Get more done in less time by clarifying priorities and improving structure and accountability.


Cultivate the habit of stillness, letting go of resistance and not comparing yourself to others.

Imposter Syndrome

Learn to overcome the resistance of your inner critic that keeps you stuck in your comfort zone.

Build mindful habits that stick

Get step-by-step instruction and do-it-yourself guides for breaking mindless habits and building mindful habits in our online learning community that stick.

Vision Mapping
Discover your zone of genius

1. Vision Mapping

Craft a clear vision of the life you want to build based on your biggest interests and most important values.Unlock the long-term motivation to stick with your most challenging goals by understanding your internal motivators and your desire for autonomy, mastery, purpose and belonging.

  • Align Your Passion And Talents With A Clear Sense of Purpose
  • Create A Vision Map So You Can Clarify And Easily Visualize Your Long-Term Goals
  • Craft A Compelling Brand Story To Better Sell Your Skills And Expertise
Mindful Awareness
Get to the root of your distractions

2. Mindful Awareness

Learn how to train your mind and body with mindfulness practices to develop the skill of mindful awareness so you can take control of your thoughts.Break compulsive habits by learning to mindfully observe and release the addictive urges and cravings that continually hijack your attention.

  • Use Mindfulness To Improve Focus And Emotional Self-Regulation
  • Reduce Stress And Track Your Progress With Wearable Biofeedback Devices
  • Use The Digital Mindfulness Method To Free Up Hours A Day From Your Screens
Replace overwhelm with clarity

3. Laser Focus

Use your vision map to quickly visualize how your short-term goals connect with your long-term vision and the higher purpose you serve.Set clear goals with a weekly plan that prioritizes your most important work first thing in the morning without interruptions.

  • Develop Laser-Like Clarity And Focus With A Weekly Plan
  • Follow A System To Stop Social Media And Email From Dividing Your Attention
  • Create Your Optimal Digital Workspace For Highly-Focused, Productive Work
Consistently tap into flow

4. Flow States

Tap into the flow state by learning to focus on one thing at a time so you can break the destructive habit of compulsive multitasking. Learn to sit mindfully sit with discomfort so you can stop habitually analyzing the emotional resistance you inevitably feel when you push beyond your comfort zone into flow.

  • Prime Your Mind And Body With A Daily Flow Meditation
  • Learn Mindful Practices That Regulate Your Thinking and Relax By Slowing Your Brain Waves​
  • Boost Focus And Get In The Zone With Brainwave Entrainment Music
Cultivate wonder and inspiration

5. Peak Experiences

Feed your curiosity and expand your awareness by tapping into the effortless sense of awe, insight and intuition that comes from peak experiences of self-awareness and sensory immersion.Learn to identify your key triggers for peak experiences and create rituals to periodically unplug, recharge and reconnect with something greater than yourself in the natural world.

  • Identify Your Key Triggers For Peak Experiences
  • Learn Mindful Walking Practices For Tapping Into Awe, Wonder And Reverence
  • Create Seasonal Rituals To Rest, Recharge And Reconnect With The Natural World

Who is this learning community for?

Join a community of mindful entrepreneurs who are disciplining their distractibility and unlocking their full capability for creative flow.








Follow do-it-yourself guides

Follow step-by-step guides to get to the root of your mindless habits and build mindful habits that heighten your ability to focus.

Digital Mindfulness Method

Break the habit of compulsively checking and mindlessly scrolling on your smartphone.

The Deep Work Browser OS

Apply the principles of environment design to create a separate web browser designed for focused deep work.

The Inbox Zero System

Follow a simple batched email system to clear the clutter from your inbox and reduce your time spent on emails.

The Vision Map

Clarify what you love to do, what you’re really good at and the core problems you can  solve for others.

Flow Triggers Guide

Learn 20 powerful flow triggers you can add to your routine to boost focus and make it easier to get into flow at work.

Peak Experiences Guide

Identify your key triggers for peak experiences so you can dedicate more time to relax, recharge and reconnect.

Simplify the habit change process

Get habit formation plans using 1-page canvases that make it easy to set clear goals and create the feedback loops necessary to form new habits.

The Habit Canvas

Apply the science of behavioural change to break mindless habits and replace them with mindful habits that satisfy the same craving in a better way.

The Flow Canvas

Apply flow state psychology to pre-plan your week and schedule at least 2-3 hours of uninterrupted flow sessions to train the habit of single-minded focus and sustained concentration.

Peak Experience Canvas

Get clarity about your most potent flow triggers and create intentional monthly, seasonal and yearly peak experience rituals that amplify your creativity and inspiration.

LiveCoaching Sessions

Monthly live coaching sessions and online workshops

Join our monthly group flow coaching sessions to get your questions answered and attend live online workshops held for the community.

So, how do I get started?

Join the community and commit to reducing your digital distractions and building mindful habits.

Set your baseline by making screenshots of your current screentime so you can start measuring your progress.

Share your wins along the path of reclaiming your time, energy and attention for what matters most.


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