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Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way business works and simplifying time-consuming growth marketing processes like data analysis, strategic planning and content creation.

This AI For Growth Workshop will help you learn how to use ChatGPT, prompt engineering, AI-driven content and programmable AI chatbots to accelerate your business growth in 2023.

When used in the right way, AI tools like ChatGPT can make it much easier to make data-driven decisions and create high-quality content at scale that speaks directly to the needs of your audience.

You can also integrate ChatGPT with a variety of other generative AI tools to quickly re-purpose your content for social media, video, emails and other forms of content marketing.

Who is this AI For Growth workshop for?

If you’ve been playing around with ChatGPT but you haven’t integrated it into your content marketing workflow then this workshop is for you. Here’s who can benefit the most from attending:

  • Startup founders that want to produce high-quality content at scale.
  • Coaches, consultants and creators who want more consistent content that attracts clients.
  • Marketing executives that want to integrate ChatGPT into their team workflows.

What you learn in this live AI For Growth workshop:

In this live AI for Growth workshop, you’ll learn how to use AI as your creative copilot and personal assistant so you can:

✅ Improve business efficiency, increase profitability and get more value from your time.

✅ Augment your creative process with AI-driven copywriting and content repurposing.

✅ Incorporate AI into your data analysis and content marketing strategy for better results.

✅ Get access to valuable resources and ChatGPT prompt engineering templates to do it yourself.

The AI For Growth Agenda

This is what we will be covering in this AI For Growth Workshop:

  1. Pros and cons of AI

We will cover the pros and cons of generative AI for content creation and the risks of doing it incorrectly in terms of Google penalties and inauthentic brand messaging.

  1. Prompt engineering

Learn some key prompting engineering fundamentals for using ChatGPT-4 effectively in a conversational back-and-forth process to get exactly what you want.

  1. AI for content creation

How to create a content calendar and use AI for idea generation, data analysis, copywriting, long-form content and more.

4. Programmable AI chatbots

Learn how businesses are successfully using automation with Auto-GPT for advertising, customer support and sales chatbots by programming them with brand scripts, FAQs, SOPs and offer details.

You will also get all the prompts used during the workshop will be provided to participants so you can do it all yourself for your brand.

Register for this workshop if you’re ready to harness the power of generative AI to scale up your content marketing initiatives in 2023.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to use ChatGPT to produce low-cost and high-value content at scale in this live AI For Growth workshop.

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