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NEWA Toolkit For Mindful Peak Performance

The Flow State Mastery Toolkit⚡️

Get the tools and practices you need to consistently tap into a state of flow where you feel and perform your best.
Creativity Triggers
Mindful Peak Performance

Create the conditions for flow

Flow states have triggers or pre-conditions that lead to more flow by making it easier to sustain focus.

Flow only happens when you focus all your attention on a meaningful and challenging activity so these triggers amplify flow by making it easier to focus.

You can stack these triggers in your daily routine to create the conditions you need to sustain a single-minded focus on a challenging activity long enough to get into a flow state.

Flow psychology is based on the work of pioneering psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who built upon the positive psychology work of Abraham Maslow.

In contrast to most psychology research that focuses on fixing neurotic behaviors, positive psychology focuses on the habits, routines and mindsets that the world's best performers use to live extraordinary lives.

Using flow triggers can help you boost focus, creativity and performance.

Flow Triggers

What's Included In The Flow State Mastery Toolkit:

Clarify Your Biggest Motivators

Mindset Triggers 

Clarify your life's purpose and the mission that you are most passionate about serving in life.

1. Passion

Complete the What’s Your Ikigai exercise to clarify your passions and talents.

2. Autonomy

Complete a Vision Map to gain clarity about your ideal work-life balance.

3. Mastery

Use the Strengths Finder to identify your biggest strengths.

4. Purpose

Identify the biggest problems that you would enjoy solving with the Dream Job Assessment.

Work With Less Distractions

Focus Triggers

Create the structure to bring 100% of your attention to doing your most challenging activities with zero distractions.

1. Clear Goals

Plan out your week in less than 20 minutes using the Flow Canvas.

2. Feedback Loops

Create a Commitment Contract for a habit you want to build.

3. Challenge/Skill

Understand the Flow Channel for consistent 1% improvements that compound over time.

4. Deep Work

Use the Deep Work OS Toolkit to create a separate web browser only for focused work.

Creativity Triggers
Boost Insight And Imagination

Creativity Triggers

Create habits that improve your divergent thinking and creative problem solving skills.

1. Pattern Recognition

Learn how to tap into the alpha  brainwave state for improved creative problem solving with Alpha Brainstorming.

2. Risk

Identify physical, mental, emotional, social, and creative risks in the Creative Flow Journal.

3. Curiosity

Organize all everything you learn about so you can more easily create content with Second Brain Notion Template.

4. Ritual

Create habits and daily rituals to stack them in using the Atomic Habits model with the Mindful Habits Canvas.

Create Your Ideal Environment

Environment Triggers

Break bad habits and establish good habits by changing your environment.

1. Rich Environment

Use the Awe & Wonder Invitation to tap into the a mindful state of awe by appreciating novelty, complexity and unpredictability in nature.

2. Digital Mindfulness

Get a Digital Mindfulness Practice for learning to surf your urges and break the cycle of distraction.

3. High Consequences

Use the Distraction Journal to make a list of your biggest digital distractions each day at work and then start to systemically block them.

4. Deep Embodiment

Follow a series of Mindful Walking Invitations for experiencing embodied awareness while walking outside.

Facilitate Social Connection

Social Triggers

The most effective way to improve your performance and success is to surround yourself with other high performers.

1. Shared Goals

Complete a Social Commitment Contract for your #1 goal for the next month and share it with one important person in your life.

2. Peer Accountability

Use the 8 Minute Mastermind Model to easily create mastermind groups with likeminded people that have shared goals.

3. Active Listening

Boost your social intelligence with an embodied mindfulness technique using the Active Listening Process.

4. Belonging

Use the 8 Minute Mastermind Model to easily create mastermind groups with likeminded people that have shared goals.

Bonuses For Better Focus, Energy And Mood

Boost performance with 2 mini-courses

Group Flow Coaching
Biohacking Dopamine Flow State

1. Consciousness Hacking And Flow State Psychology

Get a 1-hour training on the science of brainwave training and how to control your brain waves and balance your nervous system using methods like brainwave entrainment, music, meditations and nootropics.

2. Biohacking Dopamine

Get a second 1-hour training on natural ways to boost dopamine so you can improve focus, energy and mood while decreasing negative symptoms of ADHD or ADT, which is attention deficit traits such as distractibility, procrastination and overthinking.

Find Your Flow State

The Flow State Mastery Toolkit

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