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NEWBrainwave Entrainment For Boosting Focus & Flow

Flow State Music ⚡️

Access our huge library of brainwave entrainment music, guided visualizations, breathwork and meditations for accessing flow states, creative problem solving and deep relaxation.
Creative Flow State At Work
Liminal Dreaming Dali
Brainwave Music
Deep Rest NSDR
Gamma Hyperfocus
Shift Your Mental State

Supercharge your creative process.

We're passionate about empowering creatives with the tools they need to bring their vision to life. That's why we've created the Flow State Music to make it easier to access altered states that enhance creativity and imagination.

It is a digital collection of binaural beats, isochronic tones, guided breathwork sessions and guided meditations for actively exploring altered states of consciousness and accessing different brainwave states.

Here's how Flow State Music can enhance each step of the 4-part Flow Cycle for accessing the flow state in your creative process:

Creative Flow Process

1. Struggle

Preparation (Beta Waves)

This first phase of the Flow cycle involves creating the optimal conditions for a single point of focus on a creativity activity.

For this, we use a combination of visualization, breathwork and meditation to prime the mind and body for a relaxed state of focus that can be sustained through the resistance that comes up when we’re pushing beyond our comfort zone.

2. Release

Incubation (Alpha Waves)

The second phase involves taking your attention off the problem so it can incubate in your subconscious.

For this, you want to prime your subconscious mind and then step away from your creative work. You want to be in a relaxed state where you can enhance your ability for free-flowing insight, intuition and imagination.

3. Flow

Illumination (Theta/Gamma Waves)

The third phase is the flow state where your mind becomes fully engaged and each action flows effortlessly into the next to the point that you lose track of time.

For this, brainwave entrainment music is excellent for both entering the flow state and sustaining your absorption in flow for longer periods of time. Flow is a state of illumination that comes when we are doing meaningful and challenging activities that push us into new territory of insight and skill.

4. Recovery

Verification (Delta Waves)

Finally, the last phase is crucially important to consistently achieve flow because a flow state uses a cocktail of your 5 most potent neurotransmitters. This means you must rest, recharge and reconnect to replenish your mind and body.

For this, the practice of deep rest, brainwave entrainment music and meditations that allow you to get into theta and delta states can help to speed your recovery and deepen the neural connections that come with new ideas, insights and learning.

What's Included In Flow State Music:

Beta Waves (12 - 30 Hz)

1. Relaxed Focus

Tap into the slower beta brain waves that make it easier to pay attention to a single point of focus.

Get the Laser Focus Protocol to create the optimal environment for deep work

Access SMR Waves (12 - 15 Hz) to reduce distractibility and impulsivity.

Creative Flow State At Work
Alpha Waves (8 - 12 Hz)

2. Creative Flow

Tap into a relaxed state of alpha brain waves to release from constantly thinking into flow.

Get the Creative Flow Protocol for idea incubation and mental release from analytical thinking

Learn how to tap into stillness and quiet the mind with Heart Coherence Meditation

Liminal Dreaming Dali
Theta Waves (4 - 8 Hz)

3. Liminal Dreaming

Tap into effortless states of relaxation and dreamlike liminal states.

Learn the Edison Dali Method for using hypnagogia for creative problem solving

Tap into the liminal state just after you wake up for dream play and enhance dream recall

Deep Rest NSDR
Delta Waves (0.5 - 4 Hz)

4. Deep Rest

Tap into delta waves for deep states of peace and tranquillity.

Replay sleep debt with a series of guided Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) practices

Use NSDR to enter dream states during your afternoon naps

Gamma Hyperfocus
Gamma Waves (30 - 40 Hz)

5. Hyperfocus

Tap into gamma brain waves for peak states of hyperfocus and insight.

Overcome procrastination and lack of focus on off-days with gamma induced hyperfocus

Philosophical chillstep collection for inspiration and walking meditations

Control Your Mental State

Choose the brainwave state you want and then get audio-driven practices to tap into it.

Meditation Music

Guided Breathwork

Binaural Beats

Creative Visualization

Isochronic Tones

Solfeggio Frequencies

Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NDSR)

Philosophical Chillstep

Meditation Music

Guided Breathwork

Binaural Beats

Creative Visualization

Isochronic Tones

Solfeggio Frequencies

Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NDSR)

Philosophical Chillstep

Bonuses For Better Focus, Energy And Mood

Boost performance with 2 mini-courses

Group Flow Coaching
Biohacking Dopamine Flow State

1. Consciousness Hacking And Flow State Psychology

Get a 1-hour training on the science of brainwave training and how to control your brain waves and balance your nervous system using methods like brainwave entrainment, music, meditations and nootropics.

2. Biohacking Dopamine

Get a second 1-hour training on natural ways to boost dopamine so you can improve focus, energy and mood while decreasing negative symptoms of ADHD or ADT, which is attention deficit traits such as distractibility, procrastination and overthinking.

Brainwave Entrainment And Mini-Courses

Flow State Music

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