Do you dream of getting out of the concrete jungle and moving to a tropical beach or mountain town where you live a more balanced life and work remotely?

Well, don’t just dream, you can actually do it quite easily thanks to the rise of remote work opportunities and a global network of coliving and coworking spaces for digital nomads to work form.

Imagine no more morning commute. The ability to spend more time with your family and friends on the beach or in the mountains. And perhaps most importantly, design  a lifestyle with better work-life balance  instead of grinding away in the city.

If you love to travel and make your own schedule why not quit that office job that sucks and get a remote job where you work remotely and see more of this beautiful world.

The Remote Work Revolution

Many of today’s most innovative startups actually hire for remote jobs because they want to access a global pool of talent and many of the best and brightest people want to live and work on their own terms.

Some organizations are even becoming completely remote companies that operate without any traditional office space where all of their employees work remotely.

If you’re ready to make the leap and join the remote work revolution then this guide is for you.

Here are some of the best remote companies hiring for remote jobs organized by digital industry:


Mobile Apps:

1. Doist 

On a mission to inspire the workplace of the future by creating productivity tools that promote a more balanced way to work and live.

A fully remote company behind the iOS and Android apps Todoist and Twist.

Hiring Remotely For:

Support Specialist (Bilingual Spanish/English), Front End JavaScript Developer, Senior iOS Developer

2. Signal

A free and peer-reviewed encryption tool for privacy-first mobile communication on iPhone and Android.

They have a remote workforce but the remote jobs they are hiring for require American citizenship.

Hiring Remotely For:

Android Developer, Desktop Developer, Distributed System Rust Developer, iOS Developer, Server Developer


Social Media:

1. Automattic

One of the pioneering startups of remote work, Automattic makes WordPress, which is the world’s most popular content management system.

They have over 900 employees in 60 countries, most of whom work remotely. They bring the whole company together once a year for seven day retreat designed to improve remote team building.

Hiring Remotely For: 

Software Engineer, Mobile Engineer, JavaScript Engineer,Mobile Product Designer, Manager of Strategy and Corporate Development, Customer Marketing Wrangler, Product Marketing Manager, Program Manager, Happiness Engineer, Global Payroll Wrangler

2. Social Creators

A storytelling platform for social media creators and creative leaders that want to tell their story to a wider audience and better monetize their expertise.

An all-remote company culture of passionate creators that help students stay motivated and get results.

Hiring Remotely For:

Social Media Accountability Coach, Videographer and Video Editor and Remote Executive Assistant

3. Buffer

A social media platform that helps users plan, collaborate and publish content that drives meaningful engagement and growth for brands.

A fully remote team spread across 15 countries, 11 timezones and 42 cities.

Hiring Remotely For:

Growth Hacker


Productivity Tools:

1. Zapier

A platform that makes automation easy for busy people so they can focus on their most important work.

They have 150 remote employees spread across 15 time zones in 17 countries who communicate through Slack, work autonomously and take ownership of their work.

Remotely Hiring For:

Senior Director of Design, Data Engineer, Head of Security, Senior Backend Engineer, International Customer Support Champion, Support Training, Product Marketing Manager, Director Product Growth, UX Research Manager

2. Help Scout

Help Scout provides email and live chat with a personal touch so companies can improve their online customer support.

A remote-first company that is customer-driven and outcome-oriented.

Hiring Remotely For:

Customer Champions, Engineering Manager, Front End Engineer, Java and Data Engineer, JavaScript Engineer, People Operations Business Partner

3. Time Doctor

Employee time tracking software that helps remote workers and teams get a lot more done each day.

A completely remote company with 70 staff members in 28 countries worldwide.

Hiring Remotely For:

Spanish Web Researcher

4. Interview Schedule

Focus on recruiting, not scheduling. They create software that simplifies recruiting operations and increases scheduling efficiency.

They offer the freedom to work from anywhere, significant equity ownership, generous vacation policy, top notch health insurance, an annual company retreat and continuing education allowance. Preference for hiring from within the United States.

Hiring Remotely For:

Customer Success Manager, Senior Full Stack Engineer

5. 15Five

Software that elevate the performance and engagement of employees by continuously asking questions and starting the right conversations.

Remote employee empowerment with hardware, training and other materials to help you succeed. Flexible work arrangements and support for personal and professional development.

Remotely Hiring For:

Customer Support Representative, iOS Engineer, Senior Front End Engineer, QA Engineer, Customer Marketing Manager


UX and Interface Design:

1. MetaLabs

MetaLab helps some of the world’s top companies—like Slack and Google—design, build, and ship amazing products and services.

They offer unlimited vacation, learning and development time, parental leave, flexible hours and location.

Hiring Remotely For:

Design Director, Design Lead, Principle Designer, Product Designer, Senior Android Engineer, UX Researcher

2. Invision

A digital product design platform that helps people create rich interactive prototypes and craft amazing user experiences.

Work from anywhere as Invision is a completely distributed company. They offer medical insurance, a free gym membership and generous equipment allowances and conference travel budgets for remote workers.

Hiring Remotely For:

Engineering Manager, Lead Backend Engineer, Lead Full Stack Engineer, Director of Prodcut Marketing, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Technical Recruiter, Growth Customer Success Manager


Online Business:

1. Brightback 

They make customer retention automation software for SaaS and subscription businesses that helps them stop SaaS churn and retain customers at scale.

A remote-first team with team with members working from across the globe.

Remotely Hiring For:

Director of Customer Success, Demand Generation Manager, Software Engineer, Direct or Engineering

2. GitHub

The world’s largest community of developers and the leading platform for discovering, sharing and building better software.

Many of their jobs are at their San Francisco headquarters but they hire remotely for many of their technical positions.

Hiring Remotely For:

Engineer Manager, Network Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Director of Product Marketing, Direct or Web Strategy, Sales Representative, Solution Architect, Senior Security Operations Manager, Accounts Support Specialist, Technical Support Manager

3. Toptal

A freelancer marketplace that connects freelancers with startup organizations and companies in tech hubs around the world.

Hiring Remotely For:

Brand Content Writer, Product Designer, Illustrator, Brand Marketing Designer, Data Engineer, Growth Hacker, iOS Devleoper, QA Engineer, Business Writer, Head of Community, UX Content Strategist, Social Media Manager


Online Education:

1. Lambda School

Helps people launch a new tech career from anywhere in just 9 months and they pay nothing until they land a high-paying job.

Full health coverage, parental leave, continued education and wellness stipend.

Hiring Remotely For:

Android Instructor, Data Science Instructor,Computer Science Instructor, iOS Instructor, UX Instructor, Alumni Community Manager, Mentor Operations Manager

2. Interaction Design Foundation

Online UX design courses and literature created by design experts with a mission to create accessible and affordable Ivy League-level design education.

A culture of 100% remote work where you can work on your own schedule if you meet your targets. Yearly company retreats where everyone comes together.

Hiring Remotely For:

Senior Full Stack Developer, Senior Front End Developer

3. Articulate

A suite of online curriculum tools that simplifies every aspect of course authoring and elearning development.

Help empower online learners everywhere. They hire remotely but mainly those based in the United States.

Hiring Remotely For:

IT Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Platform Engineer, Sales Development Representative, Customer Success Director, Full Stack Software Engineer


Data Science:

1. Clear Bit

Clearbit provides data analytics products and data APIs to help businesses grow.

They provide health, dental and vision benefits for you and your family. Cell phone and gym membership reimbursement. Education Benefits. Regular company retreats. Equity in a fast growing startup. Flexible work hours. Open vacation policy. Mental Health and Coaching Sessions.

Remotely Hiring For:

Customer Success Engineer, Customer Success Manager, Support Engineer, Data Engineer, Lifestyle Content Marketer, Product Manager

2. DataQuest

Get the skills you need to become a data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer. Learn Python, R, SQL, Pandas & NumPy.

A remote team of 25 individuals spread across 8 times zones with one collective mission: help everyone who wants to learn data science.

Remotely Hiring For:

Director of Marketing, Full Stack Engineer, Technical Data Science Mentor, Python Course Author, R Course Author, Data Analyst


Digital Media:

 1. Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia is a global non-profit whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world (they run Wikipedia).

They are based in San Francisco, California but much of their team works remotely.

Hiring Remotely For:

Email Engagement Campaign Specialist, Data Analyst For Fundraising, QA Specialist, Creative Director, Audience Insights Manager, Design Research, Chief of Talent and Culture, Site Reliability Engineer, Database Architect, Software Engineer

2. DuckDuckGo

An privacy-enhanced search engine that empowers you to seamlessly take control of your personal information online, without any tradeoffs.

An international community of remote workers who are extraordinary, passionate and self-motivated individuals.

Hiring Remotely For:

Senior Mobile Engineer

3. EnhanCV

An online resume builder that allows you to create a professional-looking resume in a few minutes.

I would assume you should apply using their resume builder tools.

Hiring Remotely For:

SEO and Content Marketing Manager


Software Development:

1. CleverTech

A software development agency that uses digital innovation to solve real world challenges and is run by a professional, solutions-focused team of engineers.

A stress-free, ego-less workplace where amazing things get done every day.

Hiring Remotely For:

React Developer, Senior Full Stack Developer (Node/React), Product Designer, UX/UI Designer, Junior Product Analyst, Senior Java/Sprint Developer, Ruby On Rails Engineer, Senior Node Developer

2. Aha!

Web-based roadmap software with more than 250,000 users. They help companies build and market lovable products.

Trying to redefine how a high-growth software company can be built with an unconventional approach to creating customer and employee joy. Mainly hiring citizens of the United States and Canada.

Hiring Remotely For:

Customer Success Specialist, Customer Success Manager, Ruby On Rails Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Content Editor, Product Marketing Manager, Senior Writer, Tax Manager, UX Designer, Visual Designer

3. Less Bits

Software by and for people who value their time. Their slogan is making your life easier is our business.

They run a server management platform, WordPress security shield, hosting automation and website data migration service.

Hiring Remotely For:

Senior Software Engineer, Technical Writer, Linux Technical Support Specialist

4. Auth9

Universal authentication and authorization platform for web, mobile, IoT, and internal applications.

Our core philosophy is based on radical transparency and the principles of collaboration, experimentation, learning, transparency and passion.

Hiring Remotely For:

Product Designer, R&D Content Engineer, Product Manager, Technical Instructional Designer, Cloud Security Engineer



1. VideoIQ:

With over 750k active weekly users they are the #1 Chrome extension for YouTube creators.

You can work remotely, stock options available, flexible work schedule and paid time off.

Hiring Remotely For:

Growth Manager


Arts and Photography:

1. Collage

Makes custom products for photographers, canvas prints, posters, smartphone cases and photo calendars.

An all-remote company culture that gives you autonomy and control over your work environment.

Hiring Remotely For:

Economist, Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Product Manager, VP of Product


Social Entrepreneurship:

1. Thorn

They are dedicated to ending child sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. Their mission is to not stop until every child, can just be a kid.

While the majority of their technical team is based in San Francisco, they are a distributed team that supports remote work.

Hiring Remotely For:

Grants Manager, Major Gifts Office, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Front End Engineer With Design Experience, Full Stack Engineer, People Operations Coordinator, Product Manager, Sales Lead



1. Stripe

Stripe builds financial tools and economic infrastructure for the internet. They are one of the world’s largest online payment processors.

They hire remotely for many of their developer positions but most positions are at their offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Dublin and London.

Remotely Hiring For:

Android Engineer, Application Security Engineer, Backend API Engineer, Full Stack Engineer

2. Xapo

A platform that helps people send, receive, and save traditional currencies or bitcoins.

Their motto is impact globally, work remotely. They have a remote team working from all over the English-speaking world.

Hiring Remotely For:

Android Developer, Front End Developer, Technical Writer, Python Developer, Data Engineer, Business Development Manager


Any Remote Companies That You Would Recommend?

Please let us know of any remote companies that you can recommend to us for inclusion on this list.

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