One of things that’s surprised me the most in the last 7 years working at startup incubators and coworking spaces is how many successful entrepreneurs have ADHD or Dyslexia.

Often, they are successful not in spite of their attention deficit problem and “abnormal” cognitive functioning, they are successful because of it.

People with ADHD tend to think differently and they don’t like working traditional Type A bosses and authority figures.

They seek the risks and rewards of dopamine with more determination than the average person and this leads many of them into creative professions and entrepreneurship where they can thrive once they’ve harness their ability to focus, create consistently and stay motivated.

ADHD: A Gift or Curse?

If you have ADD/ADHD or you know someone who does then learning about about the differences in cognitive functioning can be the difference between ADHD being seen as a gift or a curse.

In traditional schools and workplaces, it can often be regarded as a curse but in the right environment, ADHD people can thrive and massively outperform many cognitive “normals”.

To learn more about how to focus your mind and turn ADHD into a creative gift try watching some of these great documentaries:

1. ADHD: Not Just For Kids Anymore

One out of every 20 children has the condition, and most of them will carry it into adulthood. This CBC documentary aims to dispel the myths and stigmas about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults.


2. Living With ADHD

A BBC Documentary about what it’s like to live with ADHD and the challenges faced trying to fit into the mould of society when your brain functions differently than most people.

3. Natural ADHD Solutions

A good short talk by Dr. Josh Axe where he shares the top essential oils, vitamins, supplements, diet and lifestyle changes that can act as natural ADHD solutions.

4. ADHD, Creativity and Empathy: Understanding the Superpowers Within

A Google TechTalk by Stacey Turis who is an entrepreneur living with ADHD and giftedness. She co-produced and hosted a TV show before pursuing a career in advertising, then graphic design, then market research, then photography, then IT, then acting, then Yoga instruction, then… a typical career path for someone with ADHD.

5. Take Back Control: Presentation on ADD/ADHD by Dr. Edward Hallowell

One of the best presentations I’ve seen about harnessing the power of ADHD by learning effective, invaluable tools and strategies needed to prosper in the world of speed and overload which we live.

6. Drugging Our Children

Are we drugging our most creative and gifted children because they don’t fit into the mould of our factory-style education system? This documentary looks at how vulnerable kids suffer the consequences of a broken system.

7. Learning Differently: An ADHD Documentary

A thought-provoking documentary about why the schooling system works so poorly for people with ADHD and what a better education for someone with the characteristics of ADHD would look like.

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