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10 Best Documentaries On ADHD, Entrepreneurship And Creativity

My favourite description of having ADHD is from prominent ADHD author and psychiatrist Dr. Edward Hallowell who says that ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine but with Toyota brakes.

As an online business coach working with neurodivergent entrepreneurs, I understand that what works for neurotypical people often doesn’t work the same way for people with ADHD.

Most business and productivity advice is designed for neurotypical people yet by some estimates nearly 30% of entrepreneurs have ADHD — which means people with ADHD are up to 500% more likely to be entrepreneurs.

People with ADHD tend to thrive in risky business ventures because they crave meaningful stimulation,  think differently and they don’t like working with traditional neurotypical bosses.

If you have ADHD then learning about the differences in cognitive functioning between neurotypical and neurodivergent people can make a huge difference in your life and help you understand how to create the unique structure, environment and accountability you need to thrive.

One of the best ways to better understand how ADHD manifests in adults is by watching documentaries about the unique traits of ADHD and learn about some of the different methods people use to effectively manage it.

The List of ADHD Documentaries

1. The Disruptors

The Disruptors is an excellent documentary about ADHD and entrepreneurship that was released in 2022. It features a number of well-known innovators, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Olympic athletes, and award-winning artists who have ADHD and feel it has played a vital role in their success.

You can watch the full documentary film for $4.99 on Amazon.

2. ADD & Loving It?!

An entertaining blend of humor, hope and hard science about managing ADHD featuring comedian Patrick McKenna as he seeks a diagnosis for adult ADHD and interviews an impressive array of ADHD experts.

3. Living With ADHD

A BBC Documentary about what it’s like to live with ADHD and the challenges many ADHDers face trying to fit into the mold of society when your brain functions differently than most neurotypical people.

4. Drugging Our Children

While stimulants medications can do wonders for many people, this documentary looks at how vulnerable kids with ADHD suffer the consequences of a broken system.

It asks a thought-provoking question: are we drugging our most creative and gifted children because they don’t fit into the mold of our factory-style education system?

5. Learning Differently

Another thought-provoking ADHD documentary about why the schooling system works so poorly for people with ADHD and what a better education for someone with these neurodivergent characteristics might actually look like.

6. The Disorder That Will Affect Us All

An informative short documentary film by an ADHD YouTuber that covers the history of ADHD, the neuroscience of how the ADHD brain works and the scientific debate about the constantly rising number of people diagnosed with ADHD.

7. ADHD: Understanding the Superpowers Within

A Google TechTalk by Stacey Turis, who is an entrepreneur living with ADHD and giftedness. She co-produced and hosted a TV show before pursuing a career in advertising, then graphic design, then market research, then photography, then IT, then acting, then Yoga instruction, then… a typical career path for someone with ADHD.

8. ADHD: Not Just For Kids Anymore

This Canadian-made documentary aims to dispel some of the myths and stigmas about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults. It may not be available for streaming in some countries.

9. Natural ADHD Solutions

An informative short talk by Dr. Josh Axe where he shares the top essential oils, vitamins, supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes that can act as natural ADHD solutions.

10. Take Back Control

One of the best presentations I’ve seen about harnessing the power of ADHD by learning effective, invaluable tools and strategies needed to prosper in the world of speed and overload in which we live.

I hope that these ADHD documentaries and educational talks inspire you to see the advantages of your ADHD and help you to learn to better manage and appreciate your unique neurodivergent mind.

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