Inner, Worlds, Outer Worlds is a 4-part documentary film that explores meditation, ancient ideas about achieving flow consciousness, and the nature of the cosmos.

Akasha: The first part explores the vibratory field of information and energy which connects all things. What we now call Quantum Physics is proving what Vedic masters learned thousands of years ago through their inner explorations of the nature of mind and reality.

The Spiral: The second part is on the divine symmetry and mysterious patterns that have fascinated history’s greatest thinkers like Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. There is a holographic nature of our Universe and studying it reveals the fingerprints of a very mysterious intelligence that pervades existence.

The Serpent: The third part is on the Lotus and the interconnection of consciousness and matter. This part explores the mysterious vibrational energy that drives life itself that the Vedas call Kundalini. This cosmic life energy can be awakened and crystallized through spiritual practices like meditation and yoga.

Beyond Thinking: The last part is about ending compulsive thinking and awakening the latent potential of the human mind. All our problems are created in our minds and the most effective way mankind has discovered to free our minds is through the practice of meditation.

If you want to achieve more focus and flow in your life, this fascinating documentary is a good springboard into a new way of thinking and being.