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150 Nature Documentaries That You Can Freely Watch Online

Nature documentaries provided a great way to spark curiosity and help inspire what the ecologist E.O. Wilson calls biophilia, which means a love of life and living things.

If we’re going to reverse climate change and build an ecologically sustainable civilization, we’re going to have to develop a better understanding of how nature works.

As the renowned anthropologist, biologist, and psychotherapist Gregory Bateson once remarked, “The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between the way nature works and the way people think.”

In these inspiring films about the natural world, you can learn more about the ecology of Planet Earth through nature documentaries inspire the kind of awe and wonder that makes you want to find out more and explore some of these amazing places for yourself.

[1] Epic Nature:

Some of the most awe-inspiring nature documentaries you’ll ever see.

1. Biosphere
2. Home
3. Baraka
4. Borealis
5. Earth From Space
6. Wonderful Earth
7. The World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls
8. The Tallest Trees on Earth
9. Our Earth Our Oceans
10. Our Planet

[2] Forests

Learn about the crucial role that forests play in the life of the biosphere.

1. Our Planet: Forests
2. What Tree Talk About
3. Appalachia: The Endless Forest
4. Healing Forests of India
5. The Secret Life of Trees
6. The Tallest Trees on Earth
7. Wildest Europe Forests and Woodlands
8. Secrets of the Mediterranean Rainforest
9. Incomappleux Valley: British Columbia’s Inland Rainforest
10. Methuselah: The World’s Oldest Tree

[3] Ecotherapy:

The emerging field of ecotherapy and how nature connection heals us.

1. The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding
2. Shinrin Yoku: The Art of Forest Bathing
3. Trees Will Save Our Planet
4. Decoding the Secret Patterns of Nature
5. The Call of the Forest
6. The Romantics View of Nature

[4] Nature’s Intelligence:

Exploring the natural intelligence of living beings and wider ecosystems.

1. Animals Like Us: Animal Language
2. Dog Intelligence And Behaviour
3. How Plants Communicate And Think
4. The Shape of Nature
5. In The Mind of Plants
6. The Secret World of Plants
7. The Magic of Motion
8. Oxygen The Breath of Life
9. Life Power

[5] Nature Adventures:

Join intrepid explorers on adventures in some of the world’s wildest places.

1. Chasing Tomorrow
2. Down To Earth
3. Vietnam’s Infinite Cave (The World’s Largest)
4. The Nile: On The Banks of the World’s Longest Rivers
5. Journey to the Center of the Amazon
6. Touching The Void
7. Two Years Alone In The Wilderness
8. Rivering: An Ode To The Whitewater Obsession
9. Beyond The Edge: First Ascent of Mount Everest
10. La Dura: The Hardest Rock Climb In The World

[6] Environmental:

Exploring our fractured relationship with our environment and what we can do about it.

1. Anima Mundi
2. Future Dreaming
3. The Regenerates
4. How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
5. Earth: Our Precious And Endangered Home
6. The Year The Earth Went Wild
7. The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement
8. Global Warming In The Future
9. Agroecology In Cuba
10. Real Value

[7] Climate Change:

Learn about the politics, economics and the science of climate change.

1. The Race To Save The Planet
2. The Plastic Problem
3. The Cross of the Moment
4. The Science of Climate Change
5. Fleeing Climate Change
6. Fine-Tuning The Climate
7. Drought And Floods: The Climate Exodus
8. Make The World Greta Again
9. Our Rising Oceans
10. Extinction Rebellion

[8] Permaculture:

Learn about how you can cultivate a better relationship with your food and land.

1. Living Soil
2. A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity
3. Permaculture Made Easy
4. Earth, Food, Happiness
5. Back To Eden
6. Fools And Dreamers
7. An Invitation To Wildness
8. Seeds of Tropical Permaculture
9. Introduction To Permaculture
10. A System For Sustainable Life

[9] Oceans:

Learn about the interconnected ecology of the Earth’s great oceans.

1. Deep Ocean: The Lost World of the Pacific
2. Big Pacific
3. Encountering Sea Monsters
4. Planet Ocean
5. Blue Planet: The Fascinating World Beneath the Waves
6. Chasing Coral
7. Sharks: Scavengers of the Seas
8. Sperm Whales Dealing With The Unexpected
9. Octopus: The Most Intelligence Animal?
10. Desert Seas

[10] Fungi:

Discover the magic of fungi, mycelium and mushrooms.

1. The Kingdom of Fungi
2. The Magic of Mushrooms
3. Sacred Mushroom: A Lost History
4. Fungi Day: Fantastic Fungi Field Trip
5. How Fungi Changes My View of the World
6. A Fungal Fairy Tale

[11] Tropical Paradises:

Learn about the rich ecology of tropical rainforests.

1. Tropical Rainforests
2. The Beautiful Islands of Fiji
3. Strange Things In The Amazon
4. Canary Islands
5. Hawaii Atlas
6. Madagascar Treasures
7. Wildest Islands of Indonesia
8. Indo-Pacific: The World of the Sulu Sea
9. Cuba: Wild Island of the Caribbean
10. Our Planet Jungles

[12] Wildlife:

Nature documentaries about wild animals and their habitats.

1. Wild Alaska
2. Wild Andes
3. Big Cats
4. Bears
5. Rare and Exotic White Lions
6. Animals of Africa
7. How Animals Reclaimed Chernobyl
8. Wild Animals
9. Fabulous Frogs
10. The Greatest Apex Predators

[13] Mammals:

Learn about large mammals in the natural environment.

1. The Magic of the Chimpanzee
2. Go Ape: The Fascinating World of Primates
3. Following A Lion Pride On The Hunt
4. Elephant: King Of The Kalahari
5. Jaguar: The King of the Pantanal
6. The Spirit Bear
7. Sundarban: It’s Not About The Tiger Only
8. The Wonderful World of Cats
9. Wildlife Predators: The 4 Big Cats
10. Amazing Animals With Unusual Superpowers
11. Giraffes: Africa’s Gentle Giants
12. The World’s Weirdest Creatures
13. The Land Of The Pandas

[14] Wilderness:

Learn about the ecology of some of the wildest places on Earth.

1. The Secrets of Wild Canada
2. Wild Papua New Guinea
3. River of Life
4. Yellowstone
5. The National Parks: America’s Wildlife Refuge
6. The Most Peaceful Places On Earth
7. Clubbing In The Wild
8. Siberia: The Coldest and Wildest Place on Earth
9. Wild South America
10. A Fragile World

[15] Mountains:

Discover the world’s largest and most spectacular mountain ranges.

1. Magic of the Mountains
2. Hostile Planet Mountains
3. Beyond the Edge: First Ascent of Mount Everest
4. Breathtaking K2: The World’s Most Dangerous Mountain
5. Sintra Mountain Of The Moon
6. The Roaring Mountains of Gesäuse National Park
7. The Highest Roads In The World In The Himalayans
8. The Andes Mountains in South America

[16] Indigenous Cultures:

Learn how indigenous people have maintained healthy connection to the spirit of the land.

1. Native America
2. Tribes of the Amazon
3. Keepers of the Forest
4. Uncontacted Tribes
5. The Nature of Ayahuasca
6. The Men of Fifth World
7. Tourism vs Extinction
8. America Before Columbus
9. 500 Nations

[17] Birds:

Explore the fascinating world of birds.

1. The Birders
2. Owl’s Nature
2. Parrots Majestic Birds
3. Beautiful Birds In The World
4. Eagles: The Kings of the Sky
5. Birds of Prey
6. Bird Brain: Smarter Than We Thought
7. Amazing Birds of Paradise
8. The Most Exotic Birds Species

[18] Insects:

Discover the fascinating world of bugs and insects.

1. Empire of the Ants
2. Sky Hunters: The World of the Dragonfly
3. Silence of the Bees
4. Strangest Insects
5. Zombie Parasites

[19] Evolution:

The long story of the evolution of intelligent life on Planet Earth.

1. What Darwin Never Knew
2. The Amazing Evolution of Eyes
3. Origin of Life: How Life Started on Earth
4. The History of the Earth
5. The Whole History of the Earth and Life
6. The World In 2050
7. Prehistoric Worlds: Earth Has Faced Apocalyptic Events Five Times
8. First Life

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