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Top 10 Best Neuroscience Documentaries About The Brain

The last couple of decades have seen incredible advances in neuroscience and our understanding of the human brain.

But despite all these improvements in brain mapping technologies, pharmaceutical drugs and brain research; it seems that the mental health of many people living in the modern world continues to decline.

These fascinating neuroscience documentaries shine a light into how you can use all this groundbreaking research in brain science to better use your own brain and create a better world.

1. Minds Wide Open

Minds Wide Open shows just how close the field of brain science is to major breakthroughs that will help humanity and makes the case that increased support is critical if we are to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to advance brain science and unlock human potential.

2. The Brain That Changes Itself

The Brain That Changes Itself is based on an award-winning book on the science of neuroplasticity by Canadian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Norman Doidge exploring the latest developments in neuroscience in the last two decades.

3. Automatic Brain: The Magic Of The Unconscious Mind

Did you know that that your brain often decides things before you can consciously think about it? Discover the fascinating neuroscience research into the power of the unconscious mind and learn about some of the most famous experiments into snap judgments, facial recognition, and love at first sight.

4. The Secrets of The Human Brain

This History Channel documentary film explores the latest research into the human brain to unlock the secrets of why we behave the way we do and how we can harness the untapped abilities we all have inside our brains.

5. Secrets of the Mind

Pioneering Indian-American neuroscientist and brain detective V.S. Ramachandran, who has been hailed as “the Sherlock Holmes of neuroscience,” tackles four mysterious cases of brain abnormalities and delivers some mind-boggling conclusions.

6. Neuroplasticity And The Power Of The Brain

An early Youtube pioneer has put together one of the best neuroscience documentaries. Athene’s Theory of Everything is a 2-part documentary consisting of God Is In The Neurons and The Grand Scheme of Things that explores neuroplasticity and the power of the brain.

7. The Secret Life of the Brain

A fascinating 5-part neuroscience documentary series that follows the development of human brain over a lifetime from the Baby’s Brain, to the Child’s Brain, the Teenage Brain, the Adult Brain and the Aging Brain.

8. Superhuman Geniuses

A gripping documentary that tells the stories of five exceptionally talented “superhuman” geniuses, investigating where their amazing skills came from and finding out if they can ever have normal lives.

9. My Brilliant Brain: Make Me A Genius

A 3-part documentary series on Susan Polgar, who was the first female chess grandmaster and exists as the living proof of an amazing theory: that any ordinary child can be turned into a genius.

10. The Brain with David Eagleman

In this first episode of neuroscientist David Eagleman’s The Brain series, he seeks to answer the perplexing question What Is Reality? Follow him down this fascinating rabbit hole and gain a better understanding of your own brain.

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