In this excellent short documentary Master/Mind, New York-based director Franesco Paciocco explores how technology is being used to enhance human capability and unlock the brain’s true potential.

The films touches on the implications of using brain hacking and artificial intelligence technology to make people smarter and even create a new form of superintelligence. It also presents an interesting debate between those who see biohacking as hubris and those who see it as the natural progression of human evolution.

Explore The Brain:

If this documentary inspires you to want to learn more about your brain then here are some excellent learning resources:

1. 3D Brain – A fascinating web-based 3D tool for exploring the brain. Also available for iOS and Android.

2. Brain Explorer – A more advanced interactive 3D atlas for the human brain. A free download for Mac and Windows.

3. Secrets of the Human Brain – Another great human brain documentary that I recommend watching.

4. How Smart Can We Get? – A good episode of Nova on the human brain and whether genius is born or made.

5. The Brain with David Eaglemen – A brand new PBS series that explores the human brain and why we feel and think the things we do.

6. Human Connectome Project – A scientific endeavor to map the neural data pathways of the brain and explore how information travels through the brain.

7. Human Brain Project – A 10-year scientific research project, established in 2013, to map out the structure of the entire human brain. They tell their story in this excellent short documentary called Building A Super Brain.