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Carol Black Documentary On Schooling The World And Globalized Consumer Monoculture

Carol Black is the director of the documentary film Schooling The World: The White Man’s Last Burden author of a number of thought provoking essay on children and learning such as A Thousand Rivers, On The Wildness of Children and Occupy Your Brain.

Her documentary film explores how Western-style education is creating a globalized consumer monoculture across the world and systemically destroying cultural diversity and alienating people from their natural environment, history and ultimately, from themselves.

What is replacing traditional culture is a a new global cult of success where students are trained to focus their energy on the relentless pursuit of money and external recognition to earn status and security in an uncertain and lonely world.

In Schooling The World, she argues that education has become a better way to efficiently colonize people’s minds and capitalize on their labour.

The film explores the lives of people in a small town in the Ladakh region of India and how their children are being forced into an education system that sets Western consumer culture as the ideal and teaches them to see their own culture as inferior and backward.

I like the point made in the film about how what we call globalization is really the “globalization” of modern Western values, a global consumer culture and a system ruled by faceless corporatism.

Watch Schooling The World:

To learn more and watch a better quality version of the documentary film, visit the director Carol Black’s website.

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