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100 Best Travel Documentaries Exploring Earth’s Natural Wonders

While COVID-19 has stopped a lot of adventure travel and ecotourism for now, we can still dream of all the beautiful places we would like to explore someday when things return to normal.

In the meantime, fortunately some of the best travel documentaries are freely available on YouTube. From the comfort of your home, you can be virtually transported to the lush green worlds that invoke awe and wonder from the comfort of your home.

These inspiring travel documentaries are an excellent tool to learn about the diverse ecology, cultures and landscapes of our world.

So, let’s get started exploring some of the wildest and enchanting places on the Planet Earth from each of the major regions of the world.

North America:

Experience some of the most beautiful places in Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico.

1. Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula
2. Mexico’s Sierra Gorda
3. America’s Crown Jewels: Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon
4. Utah’s Kingdom of Towering Rock
5. The National Parks: America’s Wildlife Refuge
6. The Secrets of Wild Canada
7. Canada: The Land of Adventure
8. Greenland: The Largest Island In The World
9. North American Wildlife
10. The Most Beautiful National Parks of the U.S.A.

Central America:

Experience tropical paradises in Panama and Costa Rica.

1. Tropical Nature Paradises: Costa Rica and Panama
2. From Panama to the Cocos Islands
3. Cocos Island: The Mysterious Island in the Pacific
4. The Tropical Jungles of Costa Rica
5. Wild Panama
6. Costa Rica Pura Vida
7. Central America and the Caribbean: Wild Wealth
8. Lost Kingdoms of Central America


Explore the wild tropical isles of the Caribbean Sea.

1. Wild Islands of the Caribbean
2. British Virgin Islands: Pearl Of The Caribbean
3. Bermuda: Crown Jewel In The Atlantic
4. Martinique: French Pearl in the Caribbean
5. Mexico’s Magnificent Caribbean Coast
6. Belize Great Blue Wild
7. Dominica: The Nature Island
8. Cuba Natural Paradise

South America:

Explore the natural wonder of Brasil and the Andes Mountains.

1. Colombia’s Wild Magic
2. Destination Wild Colombia: Chiribiquete
3. Wild Untamed Brasil
4. The Galapagos Islands
5. Angel Falls: Highest Waterfall In The World
6. Venezuela: A Paradise in Hell
7. Peru: From The Andes To The Amazon
8. Wild Peru
9. Wild Andes

Western Europe:

Learn about history and ecology of Western Europe.

1. Top 100 Places To Visit In Europe
2. The Wild Islands of Iceland
3. Wild Gibraltar: Where Africa & Europe Meet
4. Sintra Mountain Of The Moon
5. Aboboreira: Portugal’s Living Mountain Range
6. Islands of Europe
7. The Canary Islands
8. The Magical Coast of Ireland
9. Wild Switzerland
10. Winter In The Alps
11. Tenerife: The Queen of the Canaries

Eastern Europe:

Discover the history and ecology of Eastern Europe.

1. The Wild Balkan
2. Georgia & The Great Caucasus Mountains
3. The Bohemian Forest
4. Wild Poland
5. Wild Edens: Russia
6. Russia’s Arctic Wild
7. Incredible Croatia
8. Siberia: Wild Russia
9. The Baltic Forest And Moorland
10. Wildest Europe Forests And Woodlands


Explore the incredible biodiversity of Africa.

1. Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park
2. Savannah Life Wild Africa
3. The Okavango Delta
4. Congo: Journey Into The Heart of Africa
5. Africa: The Serengeti Plains
6. The Greatest Animal Migration
7. Valley of the Golden Baboons
8. African Lions
9. Kenya: A Trip Through Wildness
10. Wild Africa

Middle East:

Discover the wild deserts and ecology of the Middle East.

1. Wild Iran
2. Arabia
3. Wild Arabia – Hidden Deep in the Desert
4. Qatar: Nature And Development At A Crossroads
5. The Turkish Aegean

North Asia:

Learn about the history and ecology of China, Japan and India.

1. Wild Asia
2. Wild China: Pandas
2. Ecologic China
4. Japan’s Secret Water Garden
5. A Journey Through Mongolia
6. The Tibetan Plateau
7. Tibet: The Roof of the World 
8. Bhutan: The Happy Kingdom
9. Wildest India

South Asia:

Explore the South Asian countries of Thailand, Malaysia and Phillippines.

1. Wild Thailand
2. The Amazing Thailand Adventure
3. Wild Edens South Asia
4. Philippines Island Treasures
5. Aurora Province: The Treasure of the Philippines
6. Wildest Islands of Indonesia
7. Wild Malaysia
8. Malaysian Borneo
9. Laos Wonderland
10. Cambodia Wildlife


Explore the ecology and wildlife found on the Australian continent.

1.. Wildlife of Australia
2. Wildlife Australia: Kangaroos
3. The Underwater Wonderland of Australia
4. Untamed Australia
5. Australia: Animals Of The Lost Eden
6. The Great Ocean Road: Australia’s Dream Road
7. Tasmania: Paradise At The End of the World 


Fly over the tropical islands of Polynesia and the Oceania region.

1. The Heart of Hawaii
2. New Guinea: Land of the Unexpected
3. Papua New Guinea Nature & Wildlife
4. Indo-Pacific: The World of the Sulu Sea
5. Beautiful Islands of Fiji 
6. The Incredible Natural Wonders Of New Zealand
7. New Zealand’s Wild Coasts

When the covid-19 pandemic is over, ecotourism is going to explode as more people want to reconnect with the natural world and get away from the daily grind of urban life.

These travel documentaries can provide the inspiration and curiosity to learn more and create a plan to go experience these places with all your senses someday.

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