Fantastic Fungi is a new documentary by world-famous cinematographer Louie Swartzberg that offers nothing less than a regenerative model for planetary survival.

Swartzberg is known for his gorgeous time-lapse photography and his skills work brilliantly bringing mushrooms to life by showing them throughout their life-cycle of growth and decay.

Fantastic Fungi makes the case that the answers to degenerative diseases, anxiety, depression, plastic waste, petrochemical pollution and climate change might be found right under our feet.

The film features some of the leading mycology and forest ecology authors and researchers: Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan, and Suzanne Simard.

Want to learn more about mushrooms, fungi, and mycelium?

Watch Paul Stamets’ TED Talk 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World, read the book Mycelium Running or learn how to Grow Your Own Medicinal Mushrooms.

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