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10 Paradigm-Shifting Changemakers Who Inspire Awe and Wonder

You are the Universe experiencing itself. One sparkling light of consciousness in an enchanted cosmos. So why not make your light shine a little brighter with an infusion of inspiration.

You don’t need TV, Hollywood or drugs to change your consciousness. That’s not a sustainable path. You need to cultivate an insatiable curiosity about the mysteries and possibilities of life.

Use these inspiration catalysts to exercise your curiosity and cultivate the inspiration you need to develop your unique path in the world.

1. Jason Silva on The Mirroring Mind

Few people in the world today can infuse philosophy and futurism with as much awe and wonder as Jason Silva. His enthusiasm is contagious. If you like this video, here are more of his fascinating philosophical shots of espresso.

2. Terence McKenna on Reclaiming Your Mind

Terence McKenna is the most thought-provoking philosopher I have discovered. Here’s a short talk from him on why we need to stop consuming culture and start creating our own. If you want to explore deeper down the T.M. rabbit hole, I highly recommend his talk Trust Yourself.

3. Neil deGrasse Tyson on The Most Astounding Fact

You are a living, breathing miracle. Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson shares the most astounding fact about our existence. Tyson is one of the few mainstream voices in materialistic science today that can inspire people to start dreaming again.

4. Carl Sagan on How The Frontier Is Everywhere

Carl Sagan was an incredibly lucid communicator who brilliantly unpacked the discoveries of science and astronomy for the lay person to appreciate them. You can watch the entire 9-episode Sagan Series on YouTube.

5. Richard Feynman on Curiosity

Richard Feynman revolutionized physics with his insatiable curiosity. I find he’s even more interesting than Stephen Hawkings. You can watch the entire Feynman Series on YouTube or you can learn about his amazing life in documentaries like No Ordinary Genius and The Fantastic Mr. Feynman.

6. Alan Watts on What If Money Was No Object?

What would you do with your life if money was no object? A powerful speech by Alan Watts, one of the best interpreters of eastern philosophy for Western civilization.

7. Bill Hick’s on Why It’s Just A Ride

My favourite sketch from the late political comedian Bill Hicks. I can only wonder what kind of insightful things he would have to say about Obama and Bush #2. You can watch his full stand up comedy act in the legendary Revelations video on YouTube.

8. Robert Anton Wilson on Techniques For Changing Consciousness

Robert Anton Wilson talks about the need to free your mind by cultivating an awareness of linguistic constructs, pranayama, yoga and by expanding your reality tunnel. If you enjoy this one, I recommend also watching his whole talk on Techniques For Consciousness Change or The Acceleration of Knowledge.

9. Edward de Bono on Creative Thinking

Lateral thinking innovator Edward de Bono talking about the importance of creativity and the necessity of adding value to the world around you.

10. Tony Robbins on Exploring Your Web

The quintessential motivational guru Tony Robbins asks you what you would do if you were going to die in 9 days. Your freedom to choose is your true power in this world.

Which of these videos do you like best? Or, if you have your own favorite inspiration catalysts please share them in the comments.

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  1. These are the most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen. They make me believe life can be beautiful. Thanks for collecting them.

  2. Very beautiful. Thank you for collecting these.

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