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Why I Love Kajabi’s New Momentum Theme For Membership Sites

Kajabi’s new theme Momentum offers big improvements in the user interface, notifications and progress flow for both online courses and membership sites.

I’ve had to use custom Kajabi themes until recently to get the look and feel I’ve wanted for my membership sites. Now, Momentum solves the usability and functionality problems I had with Kajabi’s old themes.

The user dashboard for students in Momentum allows for a lot of customization and functionality if you’re running a membership site or regularly updating your online courses.

I’m a huge fan of Kajabi as it has helped me automate so much of my marketing and it saves me a lot of time and headaches. Here’s my full video overview of the new Momentum theme below:

If you want to try out Kajabi for yourself, you can get a 14-day free trial and a 15% discount with my affiliate link.

And if you have any questions about building Kajabi membership sites or implementing marketing automation in your online education business, feel free to ask me anything in the comments.

If you want help creating a sales pipeline and deploying Kajabi’s full marketing automation capability, join my Kajabi coaching program.

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  1. Hey Kyle, James here from Kajabi, I am typically leading the charge over here on the theme development work and I just wanted to reach out to you directly and thank you for the positive feedback. We work hard to make your experience a positive one when using the theme system and I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it.

    Keep your eyes peeled for Encore coming soon, I think you are going to love some of the changes we are making to the experience.

    Tina, I wanted to make a slight clarification to what Kyle said. The Momentum theme is a product theme so to find it you would go into one of your products and then click the customize tap and on that screen, you would see the option to choose a theme and Momentum would be the first one.

    If you are anyone else reading this post ever has a question regarding themes always feel free to reach out at [email protected]. I or one of my team will do our best to get you quickly.

    1. Hi James,

      Thank you for your comment and clarification for setting up the Momentum theme. I can’t wait to try out Encore!

  2. I just signed up for Kajabi… How do I find and use the Momentum theme? Is it a third-party theme that I have to purchase? Thank you!

    1. You should find it under the Website tab and add it as a different theme from the default Premiere theme.

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