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Networked Society: Mobile Technology And The Future of Learning

So many children don’t fit the current standardized classroom model but now the rise of mobile technology is finally disrupting the factory-style schooling system.

The Future of Learning in a Networked Society looks at how we can redefine how we learn and educate.

This documentary series features talks with world-renowned experts and educators about the potential to shift away from traditional methods of learning based on memorization and repetition to more holistic approaches that focus on individual students’ needs and self-expression.

Part 1: The Future of Learning

Great insight into the future of learning and how the current education system needs to evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Part 2: On The Brink of a Networked Society

On The Brink discusses the past, present and future of connectivity with insights from technological thought leaders about borderless opportunities and creativity, new open business models, and today’s ‘dumb society’.

Part 3: Shaping Ideas in the Network Society

Learn about network intelligence and how collaboration will drive innovation in the 21st century from top thinkers who explore the emergence of new found possibilities to communicate and collaborate on a deeper level that is changing our society as we speak.

Part 4: Thinking Cities in the Networked Society

Young people are flocking to cities and major cities like Toronto, San Francisco, and Shanghai are becoming global hubs for connecting diverse groups of people to create and innovate together.

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