A thought-provoking video from MIT Professor Mitchel Resnick, director of MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten initiative, on how we must use technology to transform our model of education.

He stresses the importance of using technology to enhance lifelong learning skills where student learn how to use technology to design, create, experiment, explore and express themselves — rather than merely as a platform to consume information.

“We have to rethink our approaches to learning and education to fit with the new possibilities of the digital age. With new technologies, they provide us an opportunities to rethink what we learn, how we learn, where we learn, when we learn and who we learn with.

Technology can facilitate peer-to-peer learning networks. The idea of peer-to-peer learning from people of different ages is enhanced and facilitated by technologies. We need a new model of learning where people are learning by creating models, building things, exploring new ideas and collaboration with one another.

With technology we can be learning all of the time.  If we think of technology in the right way, we can break out of old outmoded models of learning.  New technologies help us rethink the structures of schools.