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The Entrepreneurship Mindset: Freelancers, Intrapreneurs and Startup Culture

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the innovation ethic that drives humanity forward. Today, we desperately need more people who have the courage and tenacity to take bold steps to tackle our biggest problems and challenges.

But is it really necessary to take a massive risk and go out on your own to be an entrepreneur? The core of entrepreneurship is really about deploying resources and tools in new and imaginative ways that are different from what has previously been done. You can just as easily do this within a corporation or government-funded institution if that is where you currently find yourself situated.

The term now being used for entrepreneurs who operate within the structure of larger organizations is Intrapreneurs. Large companies are desperate to hire entrepreneurial people like this, who can lead and inspire teams to tackle big challenges.

In fact, agile methodology and the lean movement that have driven the recent explosion in technology startups are now having a huge influence on big corporations and even governments (Estonia is a prime example).

It is well-documented how hierarchy strangles creativity and innovation. To respond to this tendency, companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are creating autonomous startup-like teams in their organizations that are able to break free from organizational rigidity and think differently about important problems.

It’s no wonder that the definition of entrepreneurship is changing with the times. A recent study commissioned by freelancer platform oDesk found that 90% of millennials believe that being an entrepreneurs reflects more having a certain mindset than having actually started a business.

We are witnessing the Third Industrial Revolution and it’s rapidly redefining the nature of work and disrupting our very idea of having a long-term job and salaried employment. When the dust finally settles, we may all be freelancers, entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs to some degree.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset


Freedom is a powerful thing. How are you using new technology and ideas to increase your freedom?

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