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Think Outside The School: The Future of Business Education

I had the opportunity to speak on Friday, October 24th on the mobile future of business education at the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation annual Business Educators Conference.

Speaking with a number of business teachers after my talk, I was shocked to learn that the budget for business education in the province is being cut. I find this really sad and ironic, given that business is one of the things taught in school that is actually very relevant and useful in the real world.

I hope that the emerging digital business education tools that I covered in my presentation can help student of any age discover the amazing possibilities created by the Internet and encourage them to start experimenting and building their own online and offline businesses. My goal from the presentation was to inspire business teachers to explore and share these tools with their students so that they can continue their education experientially outside of the classroom.

I passionately believe that there has never been a better time to “think outside the school” to create a new generation of passionate, self-directed learners; who can then become the creative leaders and entrepreneurs we desperately need to solve our growing 21st century challenges.

Feel free to browse my presentation on the mobile future of business education and see what you can start learning today.

I also spoke about getting business teachers and students involved in the Vancouver startup community, which I have included as a separate presentation for people living in the Lower Mainland.

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