Google’s search itself is an incredible educational tool. However, beyond search, Google is investing heavily in designing digital education tools that can provide an inexpensive and high-quality education to people around the world.

Their Chromebooks have brought down the cost of an Internet-connected PC below $200. There are now $35 tablets that runs on Android is now helping rural children across India plug into the Internet and learn online for the first time.

I created this slideshow to explore some of the tools Google has created that are shaping the future education.

The future of education will be interactive and online. Explore these great Google tools and see how you can use them for your own self-education.

1. Google Trends Visualizer

Explore the Hive Mind and see beautiful visual layouts of real-time search trends happening in your area and around the world.

2. Google Public Data Explorer

By Kyle Pearce

Search public databases around the world to learn more about different societies and find accurate data about the world we live in.

3. G Suite For Education

Create a virtual classroom, faciliate online collaboration and stay organized using Google’s free suite of productivity tools.

4. Google Earth Flight Simulator

Explore Google Earth from the cockpit of your virtual airplane by downloading the software and pressing CTRL + Option + A to activate the hidden Flight Simulator feature.

5. Power Searching With Google

Improve your digital literacy by becoming a power searcher and mastering the advanced features of Google’s search engine. An important skill for students and lifelong learners.

6. Google Art Project

Explore over 400 of the greatest art galleries around the world through audio and video tours. While you’re at it you can collect your favorite masterpieces in your own virtual collections.

7. Google Sky

By Kyle Pearce

Fly through space with Google and explore our solar system and distant constellation, supernovas and galaxies. Don’t forget to check out Google Mars and Google Moon too.

8 Solve For X (Now Defunct)

A website that challenges you to think bigger about how technology can change the world for the better. Get inspired and learn how technology can be used to create the future you want to see.

9. Google Hardware For Education

By Kyle Pearce

Chromebook laptops for $200 and Android tablets for less than $50 are just two of the ways Google is making online education accessible to the world.

10. World Wonders Project

By Kyle Pearce

Explore the many wonders of the world and UNESCO world heritage sites using Google’s streetview technology. A extraordinary way to increase your daily intake of awe and wonder.

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