Alpha brainwave training involves slowing your brain waves down to the alpha state, which is associated with meditative states.

Alpha is generally thought of as the normal brainwave that is dominant in people who are relaxed, creative, and have a clear mind. They are brainwaves that cycle within the range of 8 -12 Hz and are usually generated in the brain’s right hemisphere or in a synchronized pattern between both right and left hemispheres.

Here are some of the benefits of increasing alpha brainwaves:

  1. Relaxed body and mind
  2. Higher levels of creativity
  3. Improved problem-solving ability
  4. More Balanced mood
  5. Lowered levels of stress & anxiety
  6. Superlearning ability
  7. Boosted immune system
  8. Increased levels of serotonin

They are also associated with flow states of consciousness, alpha brain waves are associated with the release phase of the flow cycle and flow states occur at the alpha-theta border area of around 8 Hz.

Training Alpha Brain Waves With Binaural Beats:

Try out these different alpha brainwave frequencies to see which binaural beats track works for you. Make sure you listen to these binaural beats with a good pair of headphones.

While binaural beats work great for some people, it’s a matter of experimenting to see which tracks and frequencies help you achieve more focus, creativity, and relaxation.

1. Alpha Waves Session For Focus and Studying

This 3-hour alpha session is most listened to alpha brainwave generating binaural beats track on YouTube.

2. A 1-Hour Alpha Waves Session At 12Hz

A good alpha binaural beats track for listening to beneath your music playlist.


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Free Binaural Beat Meditation Tracks


3. A 1-Hour Alpha Waves Session At 10Hz

Another good track for listening to beneath your music playlist.

4. Serotonin Release Music with Alpha Waves

One of the lowest alpha brain wave frequencies, which is best to listen to for just pure relaxation and meditation.

5. 1-Hour Alpha 10 Hz Isochronic Tones Session

For some people, Isochronic Tones seem to work better than binaural beats.

I hope you enjoy these binaural beats.